Is it worth it?
For high-performance nuts like myself, the high-octane fuels that are available in this country are a godsend. However, high-octane fuel carries a price premium. So, is it really better for your car? If it costs more, it should be
Is it a common issue?
Good day!First of all, good job with the informative articles and tips Top Gear Philippines has been posting. They're a big help for new drivers like me. I am newbie driver, and I have a Kia Picanto as my first
Our technical editor explains
Dear Top Gear,Is it really necessary or does it do any good to the engine if an engine flush is done on every regular oil change?Thanks!Paul Hi Paul,There are a couple ways to flush your car's engine
Our tech guru weighs in
Hi Sir Ferman!I hope you have time to read my message. I'm an old-car owner. We have a first-gen Honda CR-V with Real Time AWD and manual transmission, which we love. However, this sucker just eats up
Our technical editor weighs in
If a vehicle changes its tire size, will the odometer reading still be accurate? I'm curious because if two wheels with different diameters are rotating at the same speed, won't the larger wheel travel further? Thanks!Jonah Bryan Santos LaquihonHi.
Our tech guru has the answer
Sir, is having strong static electricity in your car safe? I experience it every time I use my new Toyota Vios. The voltage is about five times more than that of a normal Cricket lighter. I hope you can help me. Thanks.
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