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A first-timer’s race debrief
Like the rest of the Top Gear PH team, I'm an avid car enthusiast. This pandemic, however, has kept me away from my four-wheeled muses.It was a real blessing, then, when I was asked to represent the team at
Did you enjoy the new qualifying format?
The majesty of one-lap heroics has been immortalized into Formula 1's history like no other; there's a romanticism attached to, say, Senna's qualifying lap at the 1988 Monaco GP, or Mansell at the British GP in 1992, or
Who will adapt best to the new technical regulations?
Formula 1 cars are changing in 2022. And we mean properly changing-the new set of rules, which were originally supposed to come into force before the current F1 season, is all about encouraging closer, and therefore more exciting racing through simplified
His team-issued watch was stolen
Formula 1 driver Lando Norris had his watch stolen at Wembley following England's loss to Italy in the Euro 2020 final on the evening of July 11, McLaren Racing has confirmed."Thankfully, Lando was unharmed but he is understandably shaken," McLaren
Prices start at P4,000
If you've gone to riding school and learned the basics from qualified experts like those at the Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC), then you should be quite confident in your skills. So, what's the next step you can take in
A short-lived triumph, but one that F1 fans will never forget
The history books show that the 1978 Formula 1 season belonged to Lotus. Designer Colin Chapman had revolutionized the sport with ground-effect aerodynamics, which gave his cars massive amounts of downforce. In other words, making them really bloomin' fast.The Lotus
#1 should be pretty obvious
Of all the statistics that follow Loeb-79 rally wins (30 clear of the next man), losing only three tarmac events between 2005 and 2013, finishing the 2010 championship 100 points clear-our favourite is this. In 2006, he missed the last
Verstappen lost a potential win because of the issue
The tire failures suffered by Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen at the Azerbaijan GP-costing the latter a potential victory-were caused by "running conditions," according to Pirelli.The Formula 1 tire supplier has released a statement following an investigation with the
The 2009 champ calls it his ‘greatest race’
This weekend was meant to feature the 2021 Canadian Grand Prix, but for the second year in a row, the race in Montreal has been called off because of COVID-19. Boo.The cancellation would be a great shame in any circumstance,
The layout was designed by a former National Open Local Enduro champion
For several years, motorsports enthusiasts have been familiar with the municipality of Rosario in Batangas because this is where the Batangas Racing Circuit (BRC) is located. Built in 1996, the 3.7km track has hosted numerous events both for cars and motorbikes,
We’re rooting for him to make it all the way to MotoGP
After his domination of the Asia Road Racing Championships UB150 class in 2019, McKinley Kyle Paz will continue his quest for glory as he represents the Philippines in international motorsports events. Next up for 'The Wonder Boy' is the 2021 FIM CEV-
No wonder McLaren has given him a new multi-year contract
It's the same story every year: Two hours of going through the motions and, at the end, some points are dished out. We're talking about the Monaco Grand Prix.And specifically, about the 21-year-old who finished third there
We kind of dig it
It's just a set of wheels. That's what I keep telling myself. 'Just a set of wheels,' I think as I stumble down the stairs in the morning. 'Just a set of wheels,' I mutter under my breath every time
RM Sotheby’s estimates it’ll go for anywhere between $5-7 million
Step right up, folks, for we've got arguably one of the most exciting 'Auction Finds' you'll see on this space: For the first time, a Formula 1 car that was once raced by Lewis Hamilton is set to be put
Here’s our list
Lewis Hamilton has now clinched pole position at 100 grands prix. One hundred. His pole lap in Barcelona last weekend made him the first driver to break into three figures for fastest times in qualifying, and after brilliantly overcoming Max Verstappen to
No more Ford…for now
If, like us, you spend far too much time on the Internet, then you'll be well aware that Ken Block recently parted ways with Ford after an 11-year exclusive partnership. He even sold off three of his most famous very-
Planning to join?
The Toyota GR Supra is easily one of the most exciting cars to hit our market over the past couple of years. Thing is, it costs almost P5 million. Its smaller sibling, the GR Yaris, isn't exactly that easy to get
The inaugural race brought more questions than answers
Like many, I spent most of my Easter weekend topping up my stomach with a never-ending emulsion of beer and Creme Egg goo. But I also took time to literally watch new ground being broken. That weekend saw the inaugural Extreme
“The ambition is to leave the different venues in a better place than they were before”
There is zero doubt that a) opening your new race in Saudi Arabia, and b) vigorously promoting sustainability in a motorsport series that travels the world on a diesel-powered ship is making a rod for your own back.I will not
“I realized I was well beyond my conscious understanding”
Lewis Hamilton's heroics at the 2018 Singapore Grand Prix in a car that wasn't supposed to be quick enough to challenge Red Bull and Ferrari for pole left the world of motorsports in both shock and awe. It ranks as
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