Cold air, winding roads, and spectacular views
Anyone who's been to Sagada will tell you that the place is pure magic. Not just Sagada per se, but the entire route headed there, too-the cold air, the winding roads, the spectacular view.Simply put, the journey to Sagada
A letter sender wants to know
This message arrived in the Top Gear PH inbox recently, and I get excited when the senders are from my hometown. Baguio City is very close to my heart and it played a huge role in making me the driving enthusiast that
The requirements are unique
Highlanders have a unique set of criteria when it comes to choosing a vehicle. The roads leading into the Mountain Province have since been paved, but old habits die hard. Back in the day, if you didn't have a 4x4 vehicle
It's like having a war machine
Mental note: Never agree to pick up a Land Rover Defender 110 when you've just spent five hours in the saddle on a furious bicycle ride, including a life-flashing-before-your-eyes impact with a wayward motorcycle. I was black
Don't be intimidated by the twisties
Knowing that you can safely descend or ascend a snaking two-lane road under any type of weather condition is indeed something to be proud of. And if you love driving, then those twisties are surely something to look forward to.Having
Here are some recollections and lessons
My dad and I spent lots of time together in his old Galant wagon and, when I was a toddler, riding shotgun with him was always the highlight of my day. He would take me everywhere he went like the Star Cafe
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