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The only way to go is hybrid
Even though it wasn't a massive volume seller, the Honda Odyssey was one of the few minivans sold here that we like. Sure, it wasn't as large as the Toyota Alphard, but its relatively compact size made it more maneuverable,
While keeping its rugged looks
The Toyota Tamaraw is back! If you've seen the news, this legendary Asian utility vehicle (AUV) will return to the country. Local production will begin in 2024.Just like its right-hand-drive Rangga Concept twin from Indonesia, the left-hand
Can it beat its more mainstream rivals?
As Hyundai shies away from its formerly utilitarian model mix in the Philippines and pushes upmarket, it is vehicles like the Stargazer-an entry-level seven-seat MPV-that need to bridge the gap in order to boost sales volume. With its
So, is it any good?
When Toyota premiered the all-new Innova in Indonesia back in November 2022, it was a huge surprise. That's not because it just came out of the blue, but rather, it was a new direction for the much-loved nameplate. Now
Will it be a mild or full hybrid?
Is there yet another hybrid Toyota model on the way? If reports from Indonesia are to be believed, that might just be the case. Not only that, it's one of Toyota's popular models in Southeast Asia that could get electrified.
The Innova’s successor is here
All eyes are now on Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), as the carmaker has now launched the official successor to the ever-popular Innova: the all-new Zenix.At its core, it's still the Innova that Filipinos have grown to love-heck,
Both hybrid and gasoline variants are available for this one
This is it, ladies and gents. This is finally it. Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has now officially launched the all-new Toyota Zenix in our market.For those who've been living under a rock, you're probably wondering what the Zenix
It will be called Invicto
Earlier in May, it was reported that the Toyota Innova (dubbed the Zenix in the Philippines) will spawn a Suzuki-badged version. At the time, there was no official announcement from Suzuki, and there was no name for the model yet.Now,
Another mild-hybrid seven-seater from Suzuki
Suzuki has added yet another mild-hybrid model to its product portfolio. As a follow up to the Ertiga Hybrid, Suzuki Indonesia has unveiled the XL7 Hybrid that will likely be sold across Southeast Asia. But aside from the addition of mild-
The long wait is finally over
The long wait is finally over. After months of speculation, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has now finally announced the launch date of the all-new Toyota Innova during the 16th Road Trek. We can finally put all those rumors behind us.We
The question now is when
Raised subcompact seven-seaters are one of the most popular sellers in the country today. But it's not just in the Philippines where this trend is present. You'll also see loads of these models in our neighboring countries such as
When will it arrive here?
In the current range of Toyota's subcompact seven-seater lineup, the Toyota Rush is the oldest model in the group. The Avanza received a comprehensive redesign in late 2021, while the Veloz has moved upmarket. That leaves the Rush as the
The Daihatsu version will be first
Among Toyota's three-row people carrier offerings, the Rush is the senior citizen of the group. The Avanza and Veloz were given a comprehensive redesign, while the all-new Innova is a total reboot. So, where does that leave the Rush?
Alongside the Wigo, we presume
A source recently told us that the all-new Wigo is about to arrive in the Philippines in July. That's not all that we got, though, as we were also informed that Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) could potentially be launching the
A source tells us that this could be the case
Toyota made headlines last year when it announced that the next-generation Innova was finally going hybrid. As expected, a lot of people started asking questions about whether or not the all-new model would arrive here.Well, word has just started
Yup, the current-gen still gets a facelift
A few months ago, Toyota India announced that it is keeping the diesel-powered, second-generation Innova for a little while longer. At the time, Toyota India didn't specify any details about it, and only showed one photo of the updated
Staria Lite?
Hyundai didn't just show the Ioniq 6 during the Manila International Auto Show this year. The South Korean giant went all out and displayed almost all of its offerings in the country. But aside from that, the company also previewed a
It somehow has four rows of seats too
The need for more seats has practically become a selling point these days. Whether it's a small MPV or a large SUV, if it doesn't have three rows of seats inside, people won't really consider it as their family
If the company’s new timeline is to be believed
Reports about Mitsubishi's plans to launch a new hybrid Xpander came out as early as November 2020. Several months after that, the company confirmed it when it revealed its future electrification plans, even going so far as saying the new model
An Adventure for the 2020s?
Ever since the Adventure (and Crosswind) was discontinued, Toyota had the midsize seven-seater market all to itself. Only the Xpander remains as its three-row MPV these days, and those who needed a larger Mitsubishi model had to go straight to
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