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We drive them both to find out
If you can already afford a ride with more real estate than your average starter hatch, there's a good chance you already have (or are considering starting) a family of your own. Choosing your next ride isn't just a matter
Would you like this to be sold in PH?
Just a couple of days left until the 2022 Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS). By now, many of you likely have your itineraries for the event figured out (at least if you aren't planning on circling the whole venue)-although a
Yet another seven-seater MPV has arrived in our market
Nissan Philippines (NPI) has just launched the Livina in our market, adding yet another item to the continually growing list of affordable seven-seaters in our market.What exactly does this Mitsubishi Xpander twin have to offer? We know you're all
This or the Mitsubishi Xpander?
Another seven-seater has joined the local subcompact MPV segment. This time, it comes courtesy of Nissan with the all-new Livina.While the model itself is a 'new' introduction to the local market, many of you will perhaps notice this vehicle'
Another seven-seater MPV is set to enter the fray
The all-new Nissan Livina was spotted on local roads earlier this month, suggesting that a local launch could be happening soon. Well, we now have the confirmation we were looking for.Nissan Philippines (NPI) has just sent an invite for the
The new model has just been unveiled in Japan
Well, what do you know? Just a few weeks back, we were talking about how the Toyota Sienta could make for a good Avanza substitute. Now, the carmaker has unveiled the all-new Sienta in its home market of Japan. Coincidence? We
The new MPV has finally been revealed at GIIAS 2022
Well, that was quick. Earlier today, we reported about the imminent reveal of the new Mitsubishi Xpander Cross. Well, people, it's already here. And by here we mean in Indonesia where Xpanders are made.Mitsubishi has officially pulled the wraps off
Looking for a burlier alternative to the 2023 Mitsubishi Xpander? Well, good news: You're not going to have to wait long for one.Mitsubishi Indonesia has just released a short teaser video for the new Xpander Cross on social media. It
This model has one big advantage
The Toyota Avanza is easily one of the top dogs in the local MPV segment. Its badge, together with its ability to seat up to seven people and its stylish design, basically assure it consideration for any prospective car buyer looking for
What do you think?
Think our market already has enough MPVs? Yeah, Nissan doesn't believe so.Images making their rounds online suggest that the Toyota Avanza, the Mitsubishi Xpander, and the Suzuki Ertiga may have another competitor in their midst soon in the form of
And there's a very good chance it's coming here
This is the Hyundai Stargazer, and yes, we think it's coming to the Philippine market to try and conquer the local MPV segment.Why do we say this? Well, a couple of weeks ago, we were present for the official introduction
This could go up against the likes of the Toyota Innova
Say what you want about Wuling Motors-aka General Motors' joint venture with SAIC-but you have to admit the Chinese brand has some enticing offerings in its lineup.There's the incredibly affordable Hong Guang Mini EV, and the weird-looking
The Korean carmaker has been teasing its upcoming launch
We have a new addition to the list of cars we'd like to see Hyundai Motor Philippines launch in our market: the Stargazer.The Stargazer is Hyundai's upcoming model that the carmaker has been teasing on social media over the
The MPV has just landed in ASEAN
Been keeping an eye on Suzuki-related news this year? If you have, then you probably know that the Japanese carmaker already has a few new hybrid vehicles in its global lineup. One is the Vitara, the other the Ertiga.Well, the
Here we go
All right, people. It's official: The Hyundai Staria will be arriving in the local market this July.The announcement regarding the South Korean brand's Starex successor was made earlier today, May 31, during the introduction of the brand's new
This, or the Toyota Avanza?
Ah, yes. This was back in 2018. Four years and a global pandemic later, and the Mitsubishi Xpander has undergone a refresh. It's a relatively substantial one, too-at least if you aren't too focused on the MPV's mechanicals.
The new MPV is now on sale
A few months ago, the new Mitsubishi Xpander started making rounds on social media. It was then that Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC) confirmed the new MPV's arrival and opened reservations for it.Now, MMPC has finally launched the refreshed model in
One patent filing suggests it’s possible
In March, Toyota got Southeast Asia hyped up with the unveiling of an Innova EV. Granted, the clean-running MPV shown off at the 2022 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) was only in its conceptual phase, but still.Patent filings in India,
Would you consider this model?
The 2022 Toyota Avanza and Mitsubishi Xpander aren't the only newly introduced MPVs in town. If you're open to Chinese brands, the Haima 7X might be worth checking out as well.Haima's seven-seater has arrived to take on
Recently launched in India
The Suzuki Ertiga has long been a staple in the local MPV segment. That said, its competitors-the Toyota Avanza and the Mitsubishi Xpander-have stepped their games up over the past few months with a next-generation release and a refresh,
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