Some things are more important than your ride
Pictured above is my first-gen Mazda 3, a car that I'll continue to cherish for the rest of my life. There's nothing quite like your first, right? I bought it used back when I was living in Australia, and
Memorize these steps
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. We might not always recognize it, but Metro Manila residents live in constant fear of the "Big One," the massive once-in-a-millennium
Classes on all levels also suspended in Metro Manila
Typhoon Hagupit may have been downgraded from a super typhoon to a tropical storm, but we're not out of the woods yet. In anticipation of what this latest natural calamity will bring, the MMDA has suspended the number-coding scheme tomorrow.
Like this man from Northern Samar
It has only been a little over a year since super typhoon Yolanda battered the country (particularly Tacloban), so images of lost lives and severely damaged cars are still fresh in our memory. And now we're bracing for yet another super
Another tale of submerged cars
It began raining Thursday night. It never stopped, pouring steadily until Friday. By the time tropical storm Mario had relented in Metro Manila, floodwaters were waist-deep and cars were submerged. Some say the floods this weekend were worse in some areas
For the National Corvette Museum
Back in February, a sinkhole opened up underneath the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in the United States, swallowing eight classic models in the process. Initially, General Motors promised to restore all eight vehicles. Now, however, the American carmaker says
Quick recovery from mega typhoon
Yesterday, we shared with you 25 photos from our readers, showing the aftermath of typhoon Glenda. One of them was a photo of Honda Cars Alabang. The photo showed the dealership's ripped-off canopy lying right outside the showroom. (The photo
Best to stay off the road
There's a reason our government issues warnings whenever a strong typhoon is approaching, and that's to encourage us to stay inside the safety of our homes. Because when you venture outside your house while a violent storm is wreaking havoc
See what these men did
As you know, a strong typhoon called Glenda passed through Metro Manila this morning. She was so vicious she effortlessly uprooted and toppled trees--including this big one in Magallanes in Makati City. These photos were taken by readers and friends who (
A lot of trees falling on cars
The storm has passed--hopefully--and we have to thank the high heavens that Typhoon Glenda wasn't as bad as many had feared it to be. Fortunately, the tempest moved fast, and everything had gone back to normal (including the resumption
Do you just stop, duck and cover?
We all know what we're supposed to do in an earthquake: stop, duck and cover. But when you're in a moving car during a seismic activity, what to do isn't as clear. And the movement of the car often
This time in Baltimore, Maryland
In what is seemingly an alarming sign of the times, another sinkhole swallowed a bunch of cars in the US--and this time it was all caught on video.Nearly three months ago, in February, eight collectible Chevrolet Corvettes were swallowed by
See the list of these automobiles
Imagine this: You're standing in the middle of a car museum, silently gawking at (and genuflecting before) some of the greatest automobiles you dreamed about when you were a kid. Then all of a sudden, the ground opens up and swallows
We launch a new column by one of our lensmen
It's not often we encounter life-defining moments. They may come as decisions that are bound to transform the way we see the world and the way the world sees us. They may even be pivotal instances when we leave everything
Heart-rending images of the once-bustling city
TACLOBAN CITY--Taxi driver Chicoy showed up two minutes late, all apologetic but eager to work. I\'d found him the day before near the ports, waiting for passengers but not having much luck until I knocked on his window and asked
A round of applause, please
The world\'s strongest typhoon has just struck the country, but its devastating effects have shaken the whole world. Just like other sectors, the automotive industry has also mobilized to lend a hand. Many car manufacturers have extended help in the form
Massive destruction of showrooms and gas stations
A Top Gear Philippines reader sent us a bunch of photos from his quick trip to Tacloban this weekend to check on the extent of destruction left behind by super typhoon Yolanda.\"Just got home from Tacloban, and I took these photos
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