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And she mentions street names
For Metro Manila motorists, Waze has been nothing short of a godsend in the past few years. Aside from helping us to navigate the city's confusing streets and detours, it has also proved useful in rerouting us from congested roads as
In Brazil, wrong navigation proved fatal
Traffic in Metro Manila is like entering Dante's Inferno: "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." No one who encounters traffic leaves unaffected. It is a tiring, soul-sucking and depressing occurrence that a motorist never gets used to.And because
Find directions to your favorite sports bar
In using Waze lately, we've been so pleased with a pleasant British voice named Natalie that we've neglected to check out other voice options. As you Waze users might know, you can choose different voices and languages to guide you
Helpful during coding days
As much as we love driving our cars, there are inevitably days when we have to commute. These instances may be when our car is in the shop, when another family member uses the car, or when our car's license plate
How to survive Metro Manila traffic with a smartphone
Mobile apps are nothing new anymore, but for those who are very late to join the smartphone game, there is a wealth of cool stuff that is handy for motorists who are trying their best to survive Metro Manila gridlock.One such
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