These should help other first-time car buyers to make informed decisions
You'll be hard-pressed to find someone who's ever bought a car and had absolutely zero regrets about it. And by zero we mean everything about the car was perfect, from the purchase itself to everything that came along after.
The Covenant Car Company, Inc. has just launched the platform in our market
If there's one thing this pandemic has taught us about reaching consumers, it's that digital is the way to go. Nowadays, a lot of people prefer shopping online from the comfort of their own home. It's often both safer
Are your rights being violated?
Question 1: Hello, Top Gear PH. I just wanted to ask because I can't find a relevant article or news about this. I just bought a new car and I want to know if I can use it while waiting for
One less step to worry about
In the vehicle-registration process, 'stenciling' refers to the procedure of obtaining an impression of a motor vehicle's (or a motorcycle's) engine and chassis numbers. It's often used to monitor and make sure that
It's the little things that count
Every morning right after I clock into the office, there's one routine I never fail to follow: I buy a P17 cup of Robusta coffee in our pantry, pour in some creamer, and watch the white powder sink into its abyss.
Readers speak up
Similar to how some people won't date individuals with a terrible personality, body odor, or a missing zero in their paycheck, there are dealbreakers when it comes driving home a new car.We asked you guys if you had any automotive
A guide to maintaining your ride
Owning your first new car is an exciting rite of passage. The new car smell, the thrill of washing it on your own (for the first few days, at least), the humble bragging on social media, and yes, the convenience of having
There's more to owning a car than we think
You casually look at the calendar on your smartphone and realize that it's been a week since you first took delivery of your four-wheeled pride and joy. In that time you've become more familiar with your faithful steed (particularly
Gasoline and diesel could also be taxed higher
The Christmas countdowns are ticking, and we're all just waiting for our bonuses and 13th-month funds so that we can buy that new car stereo, iPhone, maybe even a brand-new ride-or a down payment for the rest of
All of us went through the rite of passage
I had wanted to own a car for as long as I could remember. Back in the day, I used to dream of owning a cute little Toyota RAV4 or a Mazda 3. In 2013, that aspiration finally came true, although the
Just beside the brand's headquarters in Munich
Since 2007, the BMW Welt facility, which is adjacent to BMW's headquarters in Munich, has served as a popular delivery point for the carmaker's customers where they receive their vehicles for the first time. But the year 2014 has been
Exclusively for 60-month loan terms
BPI Family Savings Bank's auto loans division has launched a new and supposedly unrivaled innovation in the auto-financing industry: a car loan that pays you back.BPI-FSB's 10% Money Back promo gives customers a 10% rebate on their
Packed with the latest models for our market
The wait is over: Our yearly Roll-Out Issue is now out and available at your favorite newsstands for P195. It is an easy-to-read car-shopping guide featuring the latest car models that will likely arrive on our shores in
It's like finding the girl you want to marry
Consider me a brand agnostic. I have no real favorites, so I have driven, owned and maintained a fair number of cars for quite a while now. Years in the motoring beat have also given me the privilege to test just about
An informed buyer is a wise buyer
Every year, we release our annual Roll-Out Issue, an easy-to-read compendium of the latest car models that will likely enter the Philippine market in the next 12 months. The time to release the 2013 edition of this useful car-
Not too long, apparently
Since January 2008, all new motor vehicles introduced in the Philippines have been required to meet the Euro 2 emission limits. This means that the carbon monoxide emission level should be no more than 2.2 grams per kilometer for gasoline-powered
It's the law of supply and demand, really
With the recent round of oil price hikes bringing the prices of gasoline close to P60, the demand for diesel-powered cars is stronger than ever. Don't think, however, that Hyundai Asia Resources (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai vehicles in
What vehicles are you looking forward to next year?
While the end of 2011 sees the Philippine car market fall short of matching--much less exceeding--2010's record sales, the number of car launches we've seen this year only means carmakers and distributors are still confident about Pinoys' ability
This should entice you to step inside one of its dealerships
If Mitsubishi Motors Philippines' Christmas Thrills promo isn't enough to make you want to step into a showroom to buy either a Lancer EX, ASX or Adventure, then perhaps this will.On top of the ongoing Christmas Thrills promo, Mitsubishi Philippines
Being cool can be relatively affordable
Not all the cool cars available in the market fall in the P2- to P3-million price range. Look hard enough and you'll likely find a nice subcompact car that will make you look like a millionaire without having to fork
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