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A new midsize SUV contender
The cat is out of the bag. After much hype and plenty of teasing, Nissan Philippines has finally unveiled the Terra--the Japanese carmaker's all-new, seven-seat midsize SUV.No more covers, no more camouflage. Ladies and gents, this is
The Fortuner and Montero Sport have a new rival
The Mitsubishi Montero Sport and Toyota Fortuner have a new rival in town, and it's also Japanese. Nissan Philippines has just launched the Terra midsize SUV.The Terra's body is modeled after the Patrol, and it shows. Up front, it
Check out the photos and decide
The long wait is finally over. Mitsubishi Motors Philippines has officially launched the Mitsubishi Xpander in the local market, and we've finally gotten up close and personal with the new MPV offering.As far as looks go, we have to say
Is it a true seven-seater?
A question that's often asked of vehicles that claim seven seats on their spec sheets is, "Is it a true seven-seater?" It seems to be the litmus test for car manufacturers. Like yeah, sure, seven people can probably fit in
You're in for a treat
The Mitsubishi Xpander has been making waves as of late, thanks to a well-received dealership tour and all the hype that Mitsubishi Motors Philippines can muster. Considering it's the spiritual successor of the beloved Adventure, the recent buzz should come
Here's a preview
So this is our first official look at the '992' generation Porsche 911. And who'd have thought-it's the same shape as the 991, 997, 996, 993 and, well, pretty much every 911 from the last 70 years. Such is
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