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The MPV puts on new running shoes
Love the Toyota Avanza? The seven-seater MPV is pretty popular around these parts, as its competitive pricing makes it a good alternative to bigger MPVs and midsize SUVs. If you're one of its admirers, then you might like this new
With Modulo accessories
It's hard not to love the current Honda Civic. When it launched last year, it once again gave gearheads that fun factor that had been sorely missing from its predecessor. It became so popular, in fact, that it won top honors
Meet a new middle variant
In the local battle of midsize SUVs, the Chevrolet Trailblazer is somewhat of a sleeper when you compare it to the likes of the Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Montero Sport. Perhaps in an attempt to climb the ranks, local Chevy distributor The
It's the 'most affordable' Benz in the market today
Most of us mere mortals have probably fantasized about owning a Mercedes-Benz at one point or another. Unfortunately, our budgets are usually just as mortal, and hardly enough to purchase a Chedeng. There's a new variant available, though, that puts
Just in time for summer
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC) is turning its game up a notch with the introduction of a new Strada variant. Interested pickup buyers can now get their hands on a new Strada GLS 2WD.The new variant comes with a 2.4-liter
The Japanese carmaker heard your plea
Early this year, former Isuzu Philippines president Nobuo Izumina gave us a hint that a MU-X with a bigger engine would make it to our shores.The wait is finally over, and customers who wanted more power out of a midsize
See the specs and the price
It seems cosmetic enhancements are the in thing these days. As you know, Honda Cars Philippines has made available official Mugen and Modulo products to its customers, and Toyota Motor Philippines has done the same thing with TRD. Some cars of the
Can you guess what S4 stands for?
Subaru has announced that it is releasing a variant of the WRX for its home market of Japan in August, which will be known as the WRX S4.According to the Japanese carmaker, the WRX S4 is an all-wheel-drive sports
Powered by small turbo Suzuki engine
The Caterham Seven is probably the \"oldest\" sports car in the world in terms of body styling, having been based on the Series 3 (last-generation) Lotus Seven, which ended production around 1970. Caterham acquired the rights to the design and launched
More horsepower and torque
The growing number of Chevrolet Trailblazers on the streets is proof that the midsize SUV is fast becoming popular with today\'s consumers. Well, it seems The Covenant Car Company Inc., the authorized distributor of Chevrolet vehicles in the Philippines, isn\'t
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