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Doors open on May 26, 10am at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City
Power is just the beginning
Ford had a tall task ahead of it when it set out to build an even gnarlier version of the current-generation Bronco. Earlier this year, the brand was able to show it would deliver-at least in terms of aesthetics. As
Sadly, not all models are part of this promo
Getting old isn't just tough on the body-it's pretty hard on the wallet, too. The same goes for most cars, which rack up maintenance costs just as quickly as they do kilometers on the odometer.If you're the
Do you agree with these findings?
The proletariat has spoken: Hybrid and remote-working setups should be here to stay.A recent 28,000-employee survey, conducted by US-based tech corporation Cisco, on the state of hybrid work found that the majority of remote workers in the
Honda has finally given us a preview
We recently got a peek at what we speculated was the next-generation Honda CR-V. Well, guess what? Honda has finally released the first official images of the all-new model, and the leaked photos check out.The new CR-V
Has anyone here ever tried cycling or jogging in the dark? Here in Metro Manila, it can be a pretty nerve-wracking ordeal-not because of the fear you'll run into a white lady or some other ghostly specter, but because
Whatever form it takes, it will arrive by the end of the decade
Lamborghini's first full electric car will be a 2+2 GT car. This much you know. Now, boss Stephan Winkelmann says it'll be ready by the end of the decade.Following the announcement of the carmaker's 2024 Le Mans
The service is growing
It's easy to take Toyota's dominance in the Philippine setting for granted. Frankly, the Japanese brand has been on top of the sales charts for so long that many people just assume the badge does all the selling.That assumption
Toyota celebrates the occasion by launching a limited-edition Sienna in the US
The Hiace-that's the only mass-market people-hauler Toyota has in its local lineup. While we understand the van's sheer popularity here in our market, we still wish we had more options. Having more minivans, for example, would be
That updated floor seems to have fixed the bulk of the car’s issues
This weekend's Spanish Grand Prix was, for once, quite exciting. Scorching track temperatures forced most teams onto a hectic three-stop strategy, there were battles for the lead, a cruel retirement, team orders drama, and even a rogue gust of wind
A fitting tribute for the G.O.A.T.
It's been more than half a year since Valentino Rossi-MotoGP icon and arguably the sport's G.O.A.T.-retired from the series, but the tributes are still coming. Says a lot about just how big of a legend
The GLS can be had as a 4x2 or a 4x4; manual and gearbox options are available
The new Xpander isn't the only addition to Mitsubishi Motors Philippines' (MMPC) lineup this month-the company has just announced that the new Strada GLS has also arrived in our market.Before we get into the details, let's talk prices.
It could be priced between P2-3 million when it finally launches in our market
We wrote about a new Chinese car brand named Weltmeister entering the Philippines a few months back. Now, its exclusive distributor WM Motor Philippines (WMPH) has officially brought in its first electric vehicle: the Weltmeister W5.It's still yet to be
The livery pays homage to the Porsche 917/20 Pink Pig
Well, if you're going to puncture traditional motorsport norms, might as well do it properly and with something that'll likely puncture your shins, too, if you're not careful.Yup, Ken Block is back, and he's done it again.
You won’t be allowed on board unless you follow the rules
Filipinos can bring their pets aboard MRT-3 trains provided that guidelines are met, the train line's management has reiterated. Need to travel by train with your pet? Take note of the following:ALSO READ:Grab now lets you travel with
It’s opting to join endurance racing instead
Lamborghini has no desire to enter Formula 1, according to the boss.While the Italian carmaker's involvement in the most famous of all motorsports series was a brief dalliance as an engine supplier and later a full car (in 1991 with
Set to start operations in 2025
Kia has announced that it is building a new factory that will produce a whole host of different electric commercial vehicles, with plans for it to become "a global leader in sustainable mobility solutions" and "a PBV (Purpose Built Vehicles) leader by
Courtesy of Ferrari Tailor Made
Ever wanted a Ferrari in your life, but concerned it'll lack a Japanese touch? Enter this one-of-a-kind Ferrari Roma, which takes inspiration from traditional Japanese design, culture, and crafts. Right you are.Let's start on the exterior-
Limited to just 1,000 units globally
CSL. Letter combinations come no more iconic. And yet this is only the third time in 50 years BMW has used them. Maybe the scarcity is what gives them power. Plus, the fact the one we all remember, the 2003 E46 M3
The color will be made available to McLaren buyers
McLaren has developed a fancy new paint color to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee, which-according to a well-known search engine-is something that is apparently happening this year. We really should stick to cars.Anyway, Platinum Jubilee means
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