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Hi, Botchi. I hope you can help my family pick the right vehicle. We are a family of four, including two children below two years of age. Thus, we need a vehicle that will hold two child seats, but at the same
If the world ended as the Mayans predicted, 2012 would have been an awesome year for the motoring world to end
Happy new year! If the world ended as the Mayans predicted, 2012 would have been an awesome year for the motoring world to end. So many cool new cars were introduced and launched. Of course the world didn't end, and so
Coming to showrooms this weekend
Some of you must be wondering whatever happened to Nissan Motor Philippines, which has been awfully silent of late in terms of new-product or new-variant introductions. Let the wondering stop now, as NMPI has informed us about the latest product
Cheap oil change with free oil filter to boot
Cars are often overworked during the summer season as their engines often work overtime with the long drives to far-flung destinations. And since engine oil keeps the moving parts of a car's engine lubricated--preventing them from grinding against each
With zero interest, and low down payment and monthly plans
Just in time for the hot summer months, Nissan Motor Philippines is offering the Teana, Grand Livina or Sentra 200 with easy payment options including low down payment, low monthly amortization and zero-percent interest terms.The 1.8-liter Grand Livina
Shopping for a new car this Christmas?
Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc. (NMPI) is slashing the prices of its Sentra, X-Trail and Grand Livina models to gives more Filipinos a chance to drive their own Nissan vehicle through various affordable payment options.Customers can drive home the 1.6-
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Every purchase of a Nissan vehicle gives motorists a chance to win a brand-new car with Nissan Motor Philippines' Buy One, Win One promo. The Japanese carmaker continues to offer the first-generation Nissan X-Trail to sport-utility vehicle
It's a tough battle between these two MPVs<br />
Dear Botchi, I'm looking for a family car, preferably a seven-seater. A van would be too big for me, and I'd look stupid driving it alone. What do you think of Nissan Grand Livina and the Toyota
Time to place your bets<br />
The search is on for the best car in the Philippine market today.Car Awards Group, Inc. (CAGI) has launched the 2009 Car of the Year Awards composed of 22 categories, ranging from subcompact cars to crossover wagons to ultra-luxury sports
Let make it easy for you to decide<br />
Top Gear Philippines' August issue is all about helping you purchase a car so here's a list of the best deals in town this month.Nissan Seemingly taking a page off of a fastfood store's marketing handbook,
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