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Drive what makes you happy
I'm smitten with the Nissan Juke. Not only do I love its funky looks, but after a solid month with it, I can say that its beauty isn't only skin-deep. Let's just say that if you are looking
How much do you value practicality?
Good day!I'm a seafarer by profession and would like to buy a car for my daughter this coming December.My preferred cars are the Nissan Juke and Subaru XV. Please enlighten me about fuel consumption and the safety features of
Meet the limited-edition N-Style
It was the bet that paid off. After a year on the market, the Juke crossover has been a success for Nissan Philippines. We admit even we were skeptical about its chances, not because we didn't admire the model, but we
More than just a punchline
There are cars that just epitomize cool. They draw you in with a tantalizing X-factor you just can't explain. The Top Gear TV show had a segment they called "Cool Wall." On it, they would decide--often arbitrarily--which cars
Pick your subcompact crossover
It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that subcompact crossovers have quickly become a popular choice among city-dwellers. Versatile functionality and small dimensions make these rides a sound pick when it comes to plying the tight streets of Metro
We take this crossover up north
I had seen the Nissan Juke during its launch last year, but it was on a stage and from a distance. Now I'm looking at it up close, in a searing yellow color. I'm starting to like it. With a
The Juke-R version 2.0 arrives
It doesn't look like there's going to be a shortage of amazing cars at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed. Car after car, the reveals just keep on coming--the latest being the Nissan Juke-R 2.0.The
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