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One of the hottest-selling segments around
The subcompact crossover is cementing itself locally as an ideal daily driver, thanks to its city-friendly size, relatively high ground clearance, and availability from several major car manufacturers.Some notable nameplates in the Philippines include the Ford EcoSport, the Suzuki Vitara,
We’re inching closer to a full reveal
Last month, Nissan announced that the all-new Juke is on its way. But aside from a September 3 reveal date, the Japanese car manufacturer provided very little information-just a teaser image showing the subcompact crossover draped in shadows.Now, the
Here’s a sneak peek of Nissan’s new quirky crossover
Fans of the Juke, Nissan's quirky and lovable subcompact crossover offering, will have something to look forward to in September 2019.The Japanese car manufacturer has announced that it will be unveiling the second-generation Juke on September 3. This comes
Along with its Intelligent Mobility tech
At the 2019 Manila International Auto Show, Nissan Philippines showcased its latest products and safety technology. A massive demo of the Japanese carmaker's Intelligent Mobility tech allowed visitors to experience what its newest products are capable of. And speaking of new
Two massive car events under one roof
The 2018 Manila Auto Salon (MAS) is now in full swing, and if you are a car enthusist, you owe it to yourself to drop by SMX Convention Center this weeked. A few of our favorite customizers and restoration shops have their
We’re glad it eventually made it to the PH
During numerous trips abroad, we were able to chat with Nissan executives, and they all shared the same sentiment: Unless Universal Motors Corporation (UMC) and Nissan Motor PH (NMPI) are able to move a certain number of units, it is hard to
Choose one
The new Ford EcoSport has just launched, and the refreshed subcompact crossover already has its sights set on cementing its place in one of the country's most competitive segments.Its update is anything buy minor, too: The EcoSport now comes available
A subcompact success story
When the first Nissan Juke rolled off the production floor back in 2010, few could have predicted the level of success that would follow.The subcompact crossover won over car buyers across the globe thanks to its sporty styling and relative affordability-
And by fun, it means MT variant
Hello, sir Botchi! I am currently planning to surprise my parents on their wedding anniversary this year by buying them a new subcompact car. Last year, they sold their 2007 Honda City 1.5 VTEC MT for a brand-new Nissan Navara
Some post-TRAIN bargains
Last year, we put together a few lists of cars you can buy for X amount of pesos per month. But as you all know, thanks to the Tax Reform Package for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law, the market landscape in 2018
Which crossover should I get?
Hi there. I'm planning to buy either a base variant Nissan Juke or the all-new Suzuki Vitara GLX. I've done my research for the most part, but have only test-driven the Juke because the Suzuki dealership here in
As divisive as a car can get
Divisive. That pretty much sums up people's reactions to the Nissan Juke. The crossover first hit our shores in 2015, years after it first broke cover in Japan. Right away, observers were divided into two main camps: those who praised its
Starting the year off with a bang
Ever since the calender hit 2018, each carmaker has made adjustments to its sales plan. Some minor, some major, but they've all had to adjust, thanks in no small part to the government's Tax Reform for Inclusion and Acceleration (TRAIN)
The sub-P1 million battle
This past year has been a pretty big one for crossovers. Several big nameplates were launched in 2017, but today we'll be focusing on the sub-P1 million price range which saw the re-entry of the Suzuki Vitara.Prior to
Among other comments
As motoring journalists, it isn't uncommon for us to get our fair share of criticism. Some of them come from long-time readers and make very valid points, and these we take to heart. Others? Not so much. We come across
Drive what makes you happy
I'm smitten with the Nissan Juke. Not only do I love its funky looks, but after a solid month with it, I can say that its beauty isn't only skin-deep. Let's just say that if you are looking
How much do you value practicality?
Good day!I'm a seafarer by profession and would like to buy a car for my daughter this coming December.My preferred cars are the Nissan Juke and Subaru XV. Please enlighten me about fuel consumption and the safety features of
A reader asks our consumer editor
Good day, sir. Just want to ask if it's a good decision to buy the Ford Ecosport Trend AT to use as an Uber. How about the Nissan Juke, Honda City or Mazda 2? What are their pros and cons should
Meet the limited-edition N-Style
It was the bet that paid off. After a year on the market, the Juke crossover has been a success for Nissan Philippines. We admit even we were skeptical about its chances, not because we didn't admire the model, but we
Take your pick
The past year has been nothing short of hectic for us. A ton of cars were handed to us for review in 2016-from performance beasts and luxury models, to humble subcompacts and affordable haulers. Every car brought something to the table,
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