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Ten years on, is it still a good choice?
The current model was first launched in 2010
What are you doing with El Chapo's car?It's true the Nissan Patrol has a whiff (or snort) of the white powdery stuff about it. No idea why. Maybe we've just watched too many episodes of Narcos, in which
Take a look
Excise tax be damned. Nissan Philippines is starting off its 2018 undaunted by new regulations, revealing four new vehicles at its annual media thanksgiving party. We already showed you photos and gave you the details on the ridiculous GT-R Nismo, so
Now that's what you call a price cut!
Back in July, we reported that Nissan Philippines was planning on relaunching the Patrol Royale full-size SUV within the year, with a considerate sum slashed off its P4,995,000 starting price tag. We're happy to announce that it has
How much exactly?
A source from Nissan Philippines has told that the local distributor of the Japanese carmaker is relaunching the Patrol Royale full-size SUV within the year at much affordable pricing. Currently, the SUV's prices "start at P4,995,
Can your SUV do that?
The sixth-generation Nissan Patrol--sold locally as the Patrol Royale--has recently set a Guinness World Record for towing the \"heaviest object pulled by any production vehicle.\"Held at the Sharjah International Airport in the United Arab Emirates, the stunt saw
Is it really the best choice for today's politicians?<br />
It's no secret the Nissan Patrol has long been the favorite sport-utility vehicle of Filipino politicians. This was made even more obvious when the recent unveiling of the Patrol Royale was graced by both retired and incumbent officials in
Just in time for the 15th Congress!<br />
Universal Motors Corp. has launched the all-new Nissan Patrol Royale that promises combined exceptional off-road prowess with dynamic on-road handling and uncompromised luxury.Nissan takes pride in the Patrol Royale's advanced Hydraulic Body Motion Control Suspension System.
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