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A new entry point into performance driving
So it looks like a new vehicle will be joining the Nissan Nismo family. The Japanese carmaker has revealed the latest model to go under the knife of its in-house tuning division, and it's a name that many of us
It was cheap, simple and efficient
Nissan's B13 Sentra was a popular car in the Philippines back in the 1990s. You literally saw this Japanese compact everywhere. After the base LEC trim was added to the range, it became a popular choice for local taxi operators. Fast
Was this your automotive era?
If we looked at university parking lots two decades ago, we would have been struck by how limited the automotive badges were in diversity. It was understandable though, considering carmakers had only begun returning to our market after the People Power Revolution
Help your fellow reader by taking the poll
Hi, Botchi. I would like to ask your expert opinion on what the best P700,000 automatic-transmission car is for our needs. I know you've answered a couple of these questions already, but I'm still hoping that you can
Teases us with more Nismo-tuned products
It looks like Nissan Motorsport, the Japanese carmaker\'s in-house tuning arm, wasn\'t just busy with the 2014-model GT-R and GT-R Nismo for the Tokyo Motor Show. Apparently, Nismo has also gotten its hands on the seventh-
The question is: When will we get it (if at all)?
Nissan has just released a teaser video for its all-new Sentra compact sedan, and judging from the details that can be seen in the close-up shots--not to mention a look at its front fascia--the car is actually a
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