Company president confirms arrival next month
Vans are selling better than hotcakes these days because of daily gridlock. When it rains and cars around you start slowing down, you know you're going to miss your evening telenovela. But if you have a big van with a driver,
Big and bold
I'm a sedan/sports car kind of guy, but as I matured into my thirties I began to appreciate haulers like vans and large SUVs as I am currently a full-on family man.With that said, I recently shared my
Higher, wider, roomier
Nissan will always have a special place in my heart due to fond memories of a '90s Sentra I had in my youth, and how I tend to compare every performance car I drive to the GT-R. So when I was
A 5,000sqm flagship facility
As part of Nissan Philippines's (NPI) pursuit of spreading "Innovation That Excites," its Southern partner Autocentral Group, led by president Brian L. Chua, has officially opened its new dealership in the heart of Cebu's bustling metropolis.In a private press
Because space is the true luxury
If former Nissan Philippines president Toti Zara were here (he's now assigned to Nissan's Indonesian operations), I imagine he would say, "let the van wars begin!" Thus is his confidence in the Japanese brand's current lineup.This is the
Which people mover reigns supreme?
Forget 0-100kph time. Never mind how a car handles the apex on a track or how it conquers off-road terrain. This battle isn't about performance in the traditional gearhead sense. In the real world, it's all about practicality
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