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More exciting than the marketing materials would lead you to believe
How far is the break-in period for a car? It depends on who you ask. Some place the figure as low as 300km to 500km, while others estimate you shouldn't run your car hard for at least a few thousand.
The local car market’s electrification continues
Have you heard? There's another new crossover in town. As promised, Nissan Philippines (NPI) has finally launched the new Kicks.The Kicks lands in our market as the first Nissan e-Power model, equipped with the brand's new electrified powertrain
The crossover will be launched this month
You may have read previously on our website about how the Nissan Kicks is scheduled to hit our market sometime this month. Now, we can reveal to you guys just how much the crossover will cost, along with its official specs.There'
What do you think?
Think our market already has enough MPVs? Yeah, Nissan doesn't believe so.Images making their rounds online suggest that the Toyota Avanza, the Mitsubishi Xpander, and the Suzuki Ertiga may have another competitor in their midst soon in the form of
The new Kicks e-Power with a 4WD drivetrain also makes its debut
Nissan's e-4orce tech has come a long way, it seems. From controlled testing in the Leaf to making secure ramen deliveries, it has now made its way to the all-new X-Trail in Japan. But this four-wheel-drive
A new electric crossover is coming
Nissan Philippines (NPI) has been betting big on its e-Power technology. In fact, a camouflaged crossover bearing the e-Power logo was the brand's sole display at this year's Manila International Auto Show (MIAS). That teaser of sorts wasn'
Which model are you siding with?
For the most part, the majority of the midsize SUVs you see out on the road will never stray off the beaten path. Those SUVs are relegated to picking the kids up from school and the occasional out-of-town adventure. Such
An important question to ask now that a new EV charging station has opened up
The facility also houses a six-car showroom and nine service bays
More and more Leaf charging stations are becoming available in the country, with the latest one located at Nissan Philippines' (NPI) newly opened dealership, Nissan Manila Bay.The new facility is under Gateway Group, NPI's exclusive Leaf dealer partner. The charging
We like
The Nissan Urvan is practical and utilitarian. But flashy? Not really. If you want to stand out, you might want to look elsewhere. You won't need to search too far, though.Nissan motorsport and customization subsidiary Autech has an aero kit
Will PH get these goodies, too?
Remember: Anything from a full design overhaul to an altered sidemirror housing can be labeled a 'refresh' by a car manufacturer. It's also important to note, though, that upgrades don't necessarily need to be just skin-deep.In the case
A modern-day iteration of the kei-car Pajero is said to be in the works
The Mitsubishi Pajero is still a very common nameplate in these parts. It's easy to spot one on the road, be it an OG first-gen, a Fieldmaster, a CK, a BK, or even a short-wheelbase (SWB) second-gen.But
Available through Nissan Philippines’ June promo
Nissan Philippines (NPI) is rolling out yet another new promo this month. If you're in the market for a brand-new car, pickup, SUV, or even a van, then read on.For the month of June, NPI is offering cash discounts
This or the Toyota Vios?
If you caught our recent fuel economy feature on the 2022 Nissan Almera 1.0 VE Turbo, you'll know that so far, we've been impressed with what the newly-introduced sedan has to offer. Long story short, if efficiency during
Absurd in a good way
At one point in its life, the Nissan Navara you see above was an honest, hard-working truck. Perhaps it fell in with the wrong crowd, though, because it's now a widebody Nissan GT-R-engined maniac.It's the work
Think all motorsports will eventually ditch traditional fuels?
We've yet to drive one, but the Nissan Z appears to have all the makings of something that should be a blast to drive. That said, the brand is out to prove the vehicle doesn't necessarily need its gas-guzzling
Well, that was unexpected
In the blue corner, we have an empty aluminum Sunkist can. In the red corner? A shiny new Nissan Z with some neat aero up front. What exactly is happening here? We don't know-but it's got our attention.Oh
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