Private jets, 24-hour surveillance, and hiding in a box
Former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn has told BBC News about how he escaped Japan following his arrest after allegations of personal financial irregularities.Ghosn-one of the car world's biggest figures and among the most successful-was sensationally arrested in November
It will still have a pure internal combustion engine
Whether you like it or not, everybody is going electric. Both Porsche and Ferrari already have EVs in the Taycan and the SF90 Stradale. Dodge has an all-electric muscle car on the way. Lamborghini has pulled the plug (no pun intended)
Future Nissan EVs will also have this new signature ‘Canto’ sound
Nissan has announced some new updates for the Leaf. Again. But out of all the subtle tweaks and hefty upgrades Nissan has given the Leaf throughout the EV's decade of existence, this is arguably one of the most important one yet.
Take your pick
So, it's been half a year of 'new normal' motoring now. Bad news? The COVID-19 pandemic doesn't seem like it'll be winding down any time soon. The good? Well, it's improved enough to at least be able
Just build it already
This is the Nissan Juke Rally Tribute Concept, and the petition to turn it from render to reality starts here.What a fantastic-looking thing this is. Turns out the Juke suits knobbly tires, lightbars, and spotlights-although then again, what car
A sad day
Sad news, Nissan fans: Production of the Skyline-one of the Japanese carmaker's most influential models ever-is coming to an end after 64 years.According to a recent report by Nikkei Asia, the decision to call it quits on the
Among many, many other deals
Potential car buyers are in for a treat this month. Nissan Philippines has just rolled out its new 'Drive Beyond' promo, and massive discounts across its lineup are available.The new promo is similar to the last one, only there have been
If and when the all-new Almera does land here, should this variant come with it?
We've been waiting for a while for the all-new Almera to land on our shores. It's been almost two years since the next-generation model made its debut in Thailand, but Nissan Philippines has yet to make any official
The current bid for it is at a quarter of a million dollars
Nissan has rolled out a handful of special-edition GT-R models over the years, but there are a few that arguably look more dazzling than the others. This Midnight Purple R34 Skyline is one of them.There were 282 of these
It’s dubbed as the “world’s toughest Navara,” built for the Australian market
It was only a matter of time before Nissan built another Navara N-TREK Warrior in Australia. Remember that beastly truck we saw from a couple of years back? Well, a new one is on its way.This one, however, will be
We wish more Nissans had this kind of cabin
Nissan just rolled out the all-new Note in its home market of Japan back in November, but it's already back at it with the launch of yet a new variant. And this isn't just a standard top-of-the-
This Nissan isn’t a real 400R—it’s just a body kit—but it’s still eye candy
The R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R 400R is arguably one of the most coveted Skyline GT-Rs ever. The R33 was special in its own right-it was faster and handled better than its R32 predecessor-but this 400R was even more
Nissan is finally launching the next-generation Z in its full production form. We know a lot of you have been waiting a while for this one, folks.Details are very, very scarce at the moment, as Nissan has yet to reveal
Anyone here planning to shift to EVs?
Motorists looking to make the leap into electric-vehicle ownership down in Davao will be happy to know that the Nissan Leaf is now available on local shores.According to Nissan Philippines (NPI), the electric hatchback has arrived at its Tagum and
The automotive industry’s woes continue
Both the COVID-19 pandemic and the global chip shortage are now taking their toll on the automotive industry. Carmakers have been suspending production as a result, and some have confirmed massive production cuts this year.Nissan is one of those that
This model has been around globally for 12 years now
Owing to their prominence in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Nissan's Z cars have always had a cult following in the Philippines. While we never officially got a Z model before this current one, some gray-market 350Z units
Does the package match the price?
My family's decision to opt for the base automatic variant of the Nissan Navara three years ago was born of budget constraints more than anything. At the time, this option was called the EL 4x2 AT. Priced at around P1.1
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