Since you’ll be far from home, and probably far from civilization
A bit of a luxury, but if you're on your own, a decent winch will allow for self-recovery.Ropes and anchors are the recovery basics; without them, you can't connect to anything.A decent Hi-Lift jack is useful
Keeping you on track when you’re off the beaten path
A feature common on most off-road-capable machinery these days, descent control does precisely what it says on the tin: You engage it on a downslope, and the ABS, traction and stability control systems manage speed and traction. Some even let
How much lifestyle is too much lifestyle for a lifestyle SUV like the T-Roc Cabriolet?
The borough of Elmbridge, Surrey. That's who to blame for this situation. No, not the fact that I'm currently parked in a pool of brown water, or that the back seats look like a T-Rex has sneezed chocolate milkshake
It could easily be the ultimate game for gearheads and off-road junkies
There are just as many types of games as there are different kinds of gearheads. This game featured right here is for the off-road and adventurous kind-those who prefer life on the trail, away from the streets and racetracks.SnowRunner
Top Gear takes the SUV on a three-day expedition across Namibia in Africa
Say what you want about the all-new Land Rover Defender, but you have to admit that the 4x4 is a solid piece of engineering.It might not have pleased the purists who thought the old Defender was never broken and never
The facility will be open to everyone
What's the first thing that enters your mind when the word 'Cabuyao' is mentioned? Very likely, it's 'industrial park.'There are more than 1,500 factories of foreign and local brands operating in this bustling city at present. Among the
A rollicking drive in Vietnam cements its hallowed off-road status
Many of us have lusted after the Ford F-150 Raptor from the first time we saw that massive V8 behemoth gracing our TV screens on Top Gear. Here was a Baja race truck in road trim, and available to us mortals.
Better safe than sorry
After a long, adventure-filled day of off-roading for work or play, it's always best to give your four-wheel-drive vehicle a thorough inspection before getting back on the road. This is important to ensure your safety and the
It’s like Formula E, but wilder and off-road
Extreme E, the wild off-road cousin of Formula E, is all set to begin in just over one year's time, with the first race weekend of the inaugural season being held in Senegal on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of
We know what we want for Christmas
If you're the adrenaline-seeking type, chances are you've dreamt of having some sort of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) inside your garage. These zippy, go-anywhere adventure rides tick all the right boxes: They're quick and loud, and they
Meet the men representing Team Philippines in the Rainforest Challenge
Back in August, Eduardo 'Randy' Sobrepena and Ronnie 'Boxy' Malonzo won the Rainforest Global Series Philippines Championship Race. The team of two, plus the rest of their support crew, will now compete in the Rainforest Challenge (RFC) in Malaysia from November 23
We were smitten by the experience
We are 20km in, traversing the Manchatian River in Pampanga. Overhead is a very long section of bridge on the SCTEX. It is quite surreal to be here, especially because the only view we are familiar with is the one from the
'Take it slow and steady if necessary'
Driving can be quite hazardous on its own. But throw in some wet weather and it can become, well, lethal. Visibility is impaired and tire grip is minimized due to wet road surfaces. Even the smallest amount of water can make a
A big improvement
The all-new Suzuki Jimny is simply adorable. This is a fact and it is undisputed. The latest version of the baby off-roader is coming to our roads, and we should really be preparing a ticker-tape parade.Today, we learn
Can anything kill this beast?
Rock crawling is the art of smashing a car up the biggest set of boulders you can find until it either conquers them, or the diffs explode. Americans love it. The key to a successful rock crawler is normally a car with
Wheel tech has come a long way
It might look something straight out of a Command and Conquer video game, but what you're seeing above is indeed a real thing. It's the Reconfigurable Wheel-Track (RWT) by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and it might
It likes to get dirty
By industry standards, the Nissan Terra has had an unusually long gestation period. Its mechanical twin, the Navara pickup, was introduced in 2015. Normally, models that share platforms in this midsize segment are only launched a year apart. During the launch of
Gazelle Motors Corporation lets us drive its Sadko 4x4 truck
Gazelle Motors Corporation, or GAZ for short, was launched in the Philippines during MIAS 2018. Shortly after that, it introduced its Sadko medium-duty 4x4 truck to the local media with an off-road drive in Pampanga. Mind you, the Sadko is
Off-roading with Wheel Gallery and Yokohama
If you think driving on the road is fun, wait until you try driving off-road! This was exactly the experience that Wheel Gallery and Yokohama Philippines gave us over the weekend in the mountains of Tanay.The day started bright and
Are you tough enough to endure this wild off-road event?
We got to sit down with Luis Wee, the founder of the Rainforest Challenge (RFC), and Robby Consunji, the official Philippine representative of the international RFC brand, and got to learn some little-known facts about this grueling off-road event. RFC
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