This D-Max isn’t just for show
Almost every pickup manufacturer has a special, off-road oriented variant or one that, at the very least, looks sportier than the standard version. Mitsubishi has the Strada Athlete, Nissan has the Navara Pro-4X, and Toyota has the Hilux GR-S.
That’s a pretty bold claim
Crossovers aren't usually top of mind when it comes to off-roading. For the most part, people think of rugged, truck-based SUVs for hitting the trails. But the folks at Subaru want to change that perception with its Wilderness line.
Like ‘em?
When it comes to SUVs, we wish we got more comprehensive parts and accessories catalogues in the Philippines. We're not just talking about a window visor here or a decal there. We're talking steel bumpers, roof loading options, and so
Oh look, another new Ranger variant
Ford just can't keep its hands away from the Ranger. We're (literally) fresh off the launch of the Stormtrak in Bangkok, we've just received word that yet another Ranger variant has been introduced. Over in Australia, Ford has revealed
Ford has revealed specs for the Ranger Raptor diesel
When the second-generation Ranger Raptor was first revealed, Ford only released the full details of the V6 twin-turbo version. Of course, we're not complaining about that since that beefy turbopetrol has nearly 400hp and heaps more torque. But we
Do you plan to mod your pickup soon?
Ford Philippines has some very good news for owners of the 2023 Ranger looking to give their trucks a beefier look.The American car manufacturer has announced that it is working with off-road specialist ARB to offer the latter's 2023
It was a lifetime ago, 60 years to be exact, when 33 men in 14 Land Rover Defender Series IIA vehicles went on an epic overland journey traversing Eastern, Central, and Northern Luzon. Remember that this was six decades ago, and those
And this was a stock unit, too
The Baja 1000 ranks right up there with the Dakar Rally and King of Hammers when it comes to the world's most grueling auto races. That said, you wouldn't expect a stock truck to jump headfirst into the event.The
Cayenne? What Cayenne?
It's not often we taste a new flavour of Porsche 911. Usually the same models come around on largely excellent repeat: Carrera, Targa, Turbo, GT3, Sport Classic... there's a 911 for just about anyone. Except, what if you like mucking
The ultimate go-anywhere combo?
Great Wall Motors (GWM) isn't exactly a brand that resonates with a lot of people here. However, recent products from the automaker have made us take a second look at them. You may recall the Tank 500 that we covered
We’re sure that’s one way to test the truck’s capabilities
Do you really need a 4x4 drivetrain on your pickup or SUV? The most common answer is no, since not a lot of us go off-roading with our vehicles, anyway. But for those who do, does that automatically garner a yes?
The German tuner went to town on the pickup
The all-new Volkswagen Amarok may have only been revealed a couple of months ago, but German tuner Delta4x4 already has plans to turn it into the ultimate off-road adventure truck.The striking creation you see here will be known as
The rumors are true
Steady thine senses, as it turns out the rumors were true and the spy shots were real: Porsche has announced that it will unveil an off-road-spec 911 at the upcoming LA Auto Show later this month.And yes, Porsche has
We like it
On one hand, opting to life this thing's suspension may have made it slightly more difficult to load things out back. But on the other? Man, this thing looks good.This is a two-door Toyota Hilux cargo variant that's
Got about P11 million to burn on a lux SUV?
The Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series has been success in the Philippines. If anything, loaded SUV shoppers are even willing to wait over a year to drive home their Land Cruiser from their nearest Toyota dealership. Heck, the wait times abroad are
This should change the shape of the mini-off-roader market
For years, the idea of a five-door Suzuki Jimny has floated around but it never really got close to production. It's even reached a point wherein people have resorted to building their own extra-door versions of the mini
At last year's Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show, Vaughn Gittin Jr's companies RTR Vehicles and Fun-Haver Off-Road got together to create the jacked-up, widebody Bronco RTR Fun-Runner. However, in a very McLaren-esque manner, at
We’re jealous
Come on, Nissan. Are you holding out on us over here in the Philippines? Don't get us wrong-the Navara Pro-4X is neat and all. But it just doesn't hold a candle to the kind of attention Nismo is
Believe it or not, this race-ready truck will join the stock class
Back in 2017, Ford took on the Baja 1000 in an almost-standard F-150 Raptor. After nearly 1,400km of desert racing, the F-150 came home third in the SCORE stock class and then proceeded to drive nearly 650km back
Sneaky sneaky...
Ever heard the one about a bulletproof Land Rover?And before you reply, 'Yeah, it's called a Land Cruiser', we should point out that we're talking about a literally bulletproof Land Rover. A new Defender 110, to be precise.OK,
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