“We are confident and hopeful that the worst is behind us”
Phoenix Petroleum has broken into the top three largest oil firms in the country based on fuel market share, according to data for the first half of 2020 from the Depertment of Energy (DOE).The energy unit of budding tycoon Dennis Uy
Happy Independence Day
Remember long-holiday weekends? Yeah, so do we. Tomorrow is the start of one on account of Independence Day, but there won't be any road trips or vacations just yet because of COVID-19. Bummer. But to keep vacation-starved motorists'
That’s a 16% dip compared to 2019
The past few months have not been a good look for oil companies worldwide. In the Philippines, the Petron Corporation recently posted a 16% drop in revenue in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the same period the year prior-that'
For the sake of fuel and safety
It goes without saying that a ton of motorists in the Philippines could benefit from a little extra knowledge on how to behave while behind the wheel. Petron, in an attempt to fortify the Filipinos' driving habits, is launching a campaign that
Car consumables shopping made easier
More and more, the world is going digital. Pretty soon, we'll be able to do drive our cars through our smartphones like James Bond did in Tomorrow Never Dies. Until that happens (we're eagerly awaiting the day), we can take
It was fun while it lasted
Well, it was fun while it lasted, but it looks like might have to start shelling out extra at the pump again. A report by The Philippine Star says that the government is looking to impose more taxes on gasoline and diesel-
Have you used any of its products?
One aspect of owning a vehicle many motorists take for granted is choosing a reliable engine oil to help keep the vehicle in tip-top shape. But engine maintenance--or the lack of it--could make or break your car's performance,
6 months ahead of gov't target date
Conscious about what kind of fuel you put into your car? This news might interest you.Yesterday, Petron Corporation formally announced that all gasoline products produced at its Bataan oil refinery are now Euro 4-compliant. Which means if you bring your
Lucky member gets PAL Mabuhay Miles
The Petron Value Card, the petroleum company\'s customer loyalty program, now has one million members with the milestone membership being awarded to Puso Gabiola.\"Having a Petron Value Card makes perfect sense to me because of its helpful and value-adding
With a minimum P1,500 fuel purchase
Here\'s some good news for Petron-BPI MasterCard clients.Petron is now offering the \"Double the Rebate\" promo, which stipulates that for every minimum single-receipt fuel purchase of P1,500 charged to a Petron-BPI MasterCard at a BPI-affiliated
Reward program to give away race tickets, downloadable music
It\'s a little-known fact that Malaysian oil company Petronas has been in the Philippines since 1995, initially as a bottler and marketer of LPG. In December 2010, Petronas Energy Philippines introduced its lubricant products to the Visayas and Mindanao before
For selling substandard fuels
Petron has announced that it has terminated its contracts with 21 of its service stations for selling substandard fuels and passing these off as having come from the petroleum company.According to Petron, it ended its partnership with the said service stations
With 4 due to open early next year
Unioil is seeking to expand its presence in the Philippines by opening 10 to 12 new service stations in 2013, with four stations now in various stages of completion and due to open from early to mid-2013.Unioil currently has 30
That's a lot of untaxed petroleum
During the media presentation for "Drive City," the country's "first-ever live traffic road competition that focuses on safety, strategy and skills," an executive of Total Philippines, the oil company that's sponsoring the event, told TopGear.com.ph that a
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