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Could there be an afterlife for this collection of sad, abandoned cars?
Send us those old nostalgic photos and you might get featured on our website
It's never a bad idea to look back on good memories. So now we'd like you, our readers, to share those moments with us.You may have read our Sagada road trip story from over a month ago. In that
I learned that with a small, rugged multi-cab
What's the most memorable car for you? Is it the one that's been with you for a few decades now? Is it the family car you grew up with? Is it the hand-me-down you got back in college?
For when you're ready to give up on your old ride
This arrived in our inbox recently. Do you share the same problem?Hi Top Gear Philippines, Meron po kaming Toyota Corolla 1994 GLi na hindi na umaandar. Marami na din pong hindi gumagana na parts like busina, radio, aircon, signal lights, at
It can still make a good project car or donor
Hi Top Gear PH,As a longtime fan of the brand and the magazine, can you give tips on how to dispose of our 1994 Honda Civic LX? Currently, there is a problem with the alternator, the reason why the car could
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If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Oh, titos. Don't you just love them? Sure, their wardrobes are at least a decade too old and their jokes are...well, corny,
Are you a tito?
We've all got that one family member: the single male in his late 30s without a care in the world, shades on, a wad of P500 bills tucked comfortably in his back pocket and a tendency to overuse terms from a
Check out this 1968 W109 300SEL example
I enjoy it when unique cars are brought to us to shoot, and once again, Andrei Torres and Andrew Arago do not disappoint. Do you remember the Facebook post on the Top Gear Philippines page of this car and an immaculate Mitsubishi
Our kind of museum
Museums and galleries usually aren't my thing. Milling about inside one would usually be a mundane experience for me-more so considering I'm fresh off an off-road test drive inside with no-less than Mitsubishi's legendary Hiroshi Masuoka.
'Nothing beats luma'
The Mitsubishi Lancer box-type is a 1980s icon. Its unmistakable shape, famous reliability, afford­able maintenance cost, and general ease of use made it the car to own back in the day. Yeah, there weren't so many choices back then,
Celebrating its 50th birthday this month
Yes, impossible. Or "Impossibru!", as the Japanese would declare. Yet I approach you now, not as a disciple of the Temple of Corolla, but as a Doubting Thomas who has seen the light. Since its launch in 1966, the Toyota Corolla has
It took him two decades
The Volkswagen Type 2, more popularly known as the Kombi--short for the German word Kombinationkraftwagen--is an iconic van loved the world over. Its status is very much like the Beetle's. This van provided quality transport at a very low
Raise your hand if you have a rustbucket
Whether through financial necessity or overwhelming passion, Filipinos have a tendency to keep cars on the road long past their "best by" date. Whether your oldie is a rustbucket or a well-kept classic, however, we're sure you can relate to
In celebration of Independence Day
There's just something about vintage cars that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Today, Grab Philippines offered us a ride around Bonifacio Global City in some timeless automobiles. We said yes, of course.The good news is that you,
Yep, this car is in this state today
George Apacible is a true car guy and a well-known figure in the local racing community. He also has one hell of a car collection, including this 1972 Mark I Ford Escort.A brief primer on the model: It is acknowledged
Reliable, fun and daily-driven
We have a soft spot for cars from the '70s. Not too long ago, they were a dime a dozen, and even well into the '80s and the '90s, models like the first-gen Mitsubishi Lancer were commonplace on our roads. With
Still in show-car condition
Almost four decades ago, Toyota decided to separate the identities of the Sprinter and the Corolla. Several years before that, cars of the type featured here had been known as Sprinter versions of the popular Corolla nameplate.This might seem like just
The Datsun 240Z in the metal
In all my years writing stories for our magazine's Old School section, I had never asked to drive any of the featured cars. That is, until this one came along. You see, the Datsun 240Z (or the Nissan Fairlady, as it
Your dream Porsche is surely one of these
If you're a true car nut, chances are Porsches rank high up in your dream garage. The sheer technology that goes into these vehicles is amazing: powerful small-displacement air-cooled engines, fade-free ceramic brakes, as well as stunning and
An old soul in a new body
Old soul inside a new body--we can't think of better words with which to describe the hand-built Jannarelly Design-1, an all-new "classic-inspired" two-seater sports car that pays homage to the glory days of the automotive
The ultimate dream car project
To say that the first-generation Toyota Celica made a splash when it first came out in 1971 is a huge understatement. It was a pioneer in the '70s "supercoupe market" alongside other popular models such as the Opel Manta, the Ford
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