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A Shakotan sled
Arvin Nogueras, aka Caliph8, is an accomplished visual and sound artist who just happens to like old-school Japanese cars. His 1979 Toyota Cressida follows the principles and styling guidelines of shakotan, which means "vehicle with body lowered" and represents one of
What's old is new again
The 2018 Trans Sport Show is underway at the SMX Convention Center. As you'd expect, there are plenty of cars on display for you to ogle at--JDM icons, supercars, and every aftermarket accessory and part you could possibly imagine.Then,
A few hidden gems that titos will love
The first day of the Manila International Auto Show is always filled with excitement and anticipation. This yearly event draws a massive crowd, and we are fortunate to be part of it. But what has become a habit is heading to the
Our retro wish list
Our brothers over at FHM Philippines recently reported that the legendary Nokia 3310 is going to be sold again in all its brick-shaped, rock-hard glory. This news got some '90s kids (including the younger TGP staffers) excited to see a
This Toyota Starlet is utterly stunning
The Toyota Starlet is not just an iconic car. It has reached legendary status in most Japa­nese old-school circles. Known then as a budget ride that had almost limitless setup capabilities, it was a car loved by both casual drivers
It took him two decades
The Volkswagen Type 2, more popularly known as the Kombi--short for the German word Kombinationkraftwagen--is an iconic van loved the world over. Its status is very much like the Beetle's. This van provided quality transport at a very low
Restored to its former glory
Imagining this 1979 two-door Mitsubishi Lancer in a junked state and covered in rust holes is virtually impossible in its current condition. The paint is shiny, the interiors are clean and maintained, and the engine rumbles with sureness. But according to
Ridden by Cory and Noynoy, too
Once upon a time, this car ferried Ninoy Aquino and his family while they were living in exile in Boston. Only a few cars in history have humble origins yet also have historical significance. One such car is this USDM 1980 Volkswagen
Yep, this car is in this state today
George Apacible is a true car guy and a well-known figure in the local racing community. He also has one hell of a car collection, including this 1972 Mark I Ford Escort.A brief primer on the model: It is acknowledged
The place to visit if you're restoring one
A global cultural icon--that's what the Volkswagen Beetle has become. Over 21 million units had been manufac­tured in a span of nearly 60 years, before production ceased over a decade ago in 2003. The Beetle ranks among the most
Only 25 units will be made available
A pristine, period-correct restoration job is considered priceless by car aficionados. It's a mix of a mechanically sound engine, a well-preserved body, and top-notch attention to detail--the sum of various parts rolled into one package.It doesn'
It gave birth to Sushi Factory
Architect Jeiven Perez is a lucky dude for being able to build the car of his dreams. And when we saw photos of this scene-stealing 1971 Toyota Celica ST (TA22) floating around on Facebook, we knew we had to feature it."
Iconic ancestor of the M2 Coupe
Over the weekend, we visited the city of Monterey, California, to drive the soon-to-arrive-in-our-market BMW M2 Coupe at the Laguna Seca racetrack. During lunch, inside the hospitality tent, we saw the two cars considered by BMW to
There's nothing like it on the road
We have a soft spot for cars that have been preserved through the years. It is a growing trend in the major concourse shows around the world to give props to vehicles that have withstood the ravages of time. In fact, cars
Still in show-car condition
Almost four decades ago, Toyota decided to separate the identities of the Sprinter and the Corolla. Several years before that, cars of the type featured here had been known as Sprinter versions of the popular Corolla nameplate.This might seem like just
See how the car looks now
Ask any man with a modicum of car enthusiasm, and he'll tell you that nothing beats the very first automobile he has ever owned. The memories, the difficulties, the joyrides--it will always be the motoring equivalent of one's first
The Datsun 240Z in the metal
In all my years writing stories for our magazine's Old School section, I had never asked to drive any of the featured cars. That is, until this one came along. You see, the Datsun 240Z (or the Nissan Fairlady, as it
The ultimate dream car project
To say that the first-generation Toyota Celica made a splash when it first came out in 1971 is a huge understatement. It was a pioneer in the '70s "supercoupe market" alongside other popular models such as the Opel Manta, the Ford
If canvases had wheels
We think we can all agree that BMW makes very good-looking cars. Really, any car lover would be hard pressed to find anything to gripe about when it comes to Bimmers--they're sharp, sleek and edgy, and they have maintained
Popularly known in PH as Sakbayan
There are young Volkswagen enthusiasts who have no idea what a Sakbayan is. But those who know this strange model agree that it is quite special. We are certain that pretty soon, the Sakbayan will be valued among classic-VW collectors because
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