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Similar to Japan’s GR86/BRZ Cup
Oh, how we envy the US. Sometimes. Anyway, we do at this particular moment because Toyota Gazoo Racing North America has announced that it's starting a new Toyota GR86 one-make race series.A similar series with the previous-gen GT86 (
For anyone considering joining local motorsports
Remember when people viewed the Miata as a 'hairdresser' car? Yeah, neither do we. The ND hasn't just proven itself to be capable of tackling a twisty or two-it has solidified its place as a legitimate motorsport companion.Just ask
Sports cars don’t have a monopoly on racing
Lasting just two seasons between 1979 and 1980, Procar was a splendid idea to boost interest in the ailing BMW M1 supercar. The boss of BMW Motorsport pitched a support series for the Formula 1 championship, where F1's elite drivers (and
Should they do a PH version?
Just two months after Mazda revealed the all-new, fourth-generation MX-5, the Japanese carmaker has now announced that the car "will be raced in a new Global Cup series in North America, Europe and Asia."In 2016, there will be
In October, to be exact
Last year, two events took place that may have led to this latest Philippine motorsport news. First, in April 2013, movie actor and race driver Jomari Yllana announced the establishment of his own racing team called Yllana Racing. The team initially featured
To be held with Lateral Drift series
Just as Toyota Motor Philippines is holding a one-make race series for its best-selling Vios subcompact sedan next year, Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. is doing the same for the soon-to-arrive, face-lifted Elantra compact sedan.The announcement was
Will the likes of Rhian Ramos and Sam YG make the cut?
If you went to the World of Toyota Motor Show last August 17 and noticed the unusually large number of celebrities at the venue, that\'s because they were invited to try out for the Vios one-make race which Toyota Motor
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