Speedsters, beware
Speed limits are often neglected here in the Philippines. Even outside of tollways, you might find drivers who feel like the world is a racetrack, and that poses a huge safety concern. You see, each road has a designated speed limit, as
This could be a big step in achieving road discipline
With the breakdown of driver discipline in almost every corner of the country, determining who's to blame in a vehicular accident is becoming a difficult task. More so if lies and deciet are becoming the norm. What aggravates the situation further
Still arguing with the MMDA?
You may argue all you want against the imposition of speed limits in Metro Manila but a recent study in the United Kingdom shows driving your vehicle within what the law prescribes can really help reduce fatalities on the road.The number
Their days of overspeeding may soon be over
Public utility vehicles (PUVs) will soon be equipped with speed-limiting devices if Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV gets his way after filing Senate Bill No. 2790 or the proposed "Speed Limiters Act of 2011."According to Trillanes, installing speed limiting devices on
For beating red light in fear of causing a crash
Here's a bit of irony: Ron Dennis, executive chairman of a brand associated with speed, has been banned from driving for six months. He was reportedly caught beating a red light.The incident happened six months ago when Dennis was spotted
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