The faster you act, the better the result
No one wants to park their car underneath the intense heat of the summer sun, and often a tree is the most convenient place to find shade. The problem is trees produce sap, which can drop onto your car's finish and
Don't leave the shop right away
So you've just spent a heaping pile of money to get your car a proper paint job, and the shop just gave you the green light to take your ride home. It's a satisfying moment seeing a spanking new finish,
Why your car might not need it
You've just signed over your hard-earned cash to purchase the car of your dreams. Right before turning over the keys to you, however, the salesperson offers you a service called rust-proofing.He explains that it's a treatment wherein
Plus a brief history lesson on car paint
For centuries, monochrome black was the customary color used or applied to many works done: drawing pictograms, writing manuscripts, and even in painting carriages and coaches. Its application was due to practicality or expediency.A general sample is the 'black' thick India
A good investment?
For any car owner, keeping a car's paint pristine is always a challenge. The go-to solution has always been the tried and tested application of automotive wax from day one of purchase. Periodic applications (sometimes frequent reapplication) of the same
Is your paint job on this list?
Just how much does a car's color mean to its owner? If the latest numbers from PPG Industries are any indication, a vehicle's paint job plays a significant role in deciding whether a car is bought or not.The global
To tell the world how excited you are
If you're a car guy, just thinking about certain makes and models of automobiles makes you feel like you're in love. You know the feeling: sweaty palms, excitement, faster heartbeat.Well, now, there is a car that can actually let
Limited to US-market models for now
Ford is taking mass-market automotive painting to the next level by creating the industry\'s first three-dimensional dirt-detection technology.According to Ford, the system uses high-resolution cameras and reflected light to \"digitally identify surface imperfections finer than a
We can only wonder how much that alone would cost
Popular automotive tuner Gemballa has come up with the world's first diamond coating for the interior and exterior finish of its vehicles that, due to it being technically elaborate, "is hard to beat in terms of exclusivity.""When Gemballa speaks of
Too bad it can't protect the fragile touchscreen
Nissan is bringing one of its automotive innovations to the tech world as the Japanese carmaker is applying its self-healing paint finish to create the Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case."We like to think laterally by taking the great innovations we'
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