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"It depends"
Let me know if you can relate with the following scenario: You and your family decide to take a quick weekend trip to the mall, so you gather your little ones and hop in your car to make your way to the
Especially the dreaded 'basag-kotse' kind
It seems the criminals are back on the streets, many of them preying on belongings and gifts stacked inside parked cars.Probably out of desperation, several of those victimized by the so-called 'basag-kotse' criminals in shopping malls, wet markets, tiangges
It happens to everyone
Recently, we published a story on one of the most extreme parking fails we've ever come across. Long story short, some dude in the UK forgot where he parked his friend's BMW. It was found six months later-inside the
Small and terrible
It goes without saying that parking in Metro Manila can be a real pain in the ass. Quick trips to the mall can quickly turn into navigating a lot for hours on end in search of a precious space. The worst part?
Watch how it was done
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. For a lot of drivers, squeezing their vehicle into a parking space with just a couple of inches to spare is a feat worthy
Find out why
Today, FHM babe Paulene So posted the above photo on her Facebook fan page. The picture was accompanied by the following caption:Sorry, hindi ko sha ma-park sa single parking!! Hindi ko pa ma-tancha!! Buti na lang madami naman parking
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