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The ultimate parking fail
Well, well, well. It looks like we've found our favorite facepalm moment of the week. A UK motorist was reported to have forgotten where he left his car in a parking garage-and it took six whole months to find it.
Find out why
Today, FHM babe Paulene So posted the above photo on her Facebook fan page. The picture was accompanied by the following caption:Sorry, hindi ko sha ma-park sa single parking!! Hindi ko pa ma-tancha!! Buti na lang madami naman parking
Having been around since 1905, the Salon International de l'Auto, more popularly known as the Geneva Motor Show, is arguably the oldest of its kind in the world.Like Switzerland's renowned neutrality, the Geneva Auto Show serves as
<p>Driving a Porsche SUV isn't a problem for Vernon B. Sarne, but he feels the engine still lacks the oomph befitting the badge</p>
I am not a Porsche owner. And in all likelihood - unless I sell out and become a politician - I never will be. Hence, I don't have a problem with a Porsche sport-utility vehicle. I say this because, apparently, many
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