Can you relate?
If you drive your own car to work, then there's a possibility that your battle doesn't end where your crawl through Metro Manila's standstill traffic does. Like most of us, you might still have parking to worry about.Parking
More good news for the locals
The latest move in the Manila city government's efforts to restore order in its streets is a crackdown against the illegal collection of parking fees across the city.According to a report from ABS-CBN News, the local government of Manila
The ultimate parking fail
Well, well, well. It looks like we've found our favorite facepalm moment of the week. A UK motorist was reported to have forgotten where he left his car in a parking garage-and it took six whole months to find it.
How easy (or hard) is it to find a slot?
Greenhills Shopping Center has been a headache for motorists for as long as we can remember. Not only is the area a traffic nightmare, finding parking during peak hours is a huge pain in the ass, too. In fact, it isn't
See if you're in favor of them
Congressman Sherwin Gatchalian, representative of the first district of Valenzuela City, filed on October 14 two bills that focus on parking issues. One of them should be easily welcomed and praised by car owners everywhere, while the other should attract opposition from
Would that be fair to business establishments?
Car parking fees seem to be a popular subject among our lawmakers these days. Another solon wants to ban the collection of said fees in shopping malls, hotels, hospitals and other business centers in Metro Manila.Filed by Rep. Winston Castelo (2nd
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