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We were able to try it out
Getting stuck in Manila's horrendous traffic is pretty bad, right? Well, how about having to roam around for an empty parking spot while you're already late for your appointment? Given the number of cars on the streets each day, it'
No more circling around the parking lot
We all know how much of a chore it is to look for a parking space. This is why most people would rather take an Uber instead of having to waste precious time and fuel on an endless quest to park their
Using technology from self-parking cars
Cars with intelligent parking assist technology are nothing new. The feature that helps drivers ease into those tight spots--by taking care of steering and pinpointing proximity to obstructions--has been around on cars like the Lexus LS, a few BMWs, some
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It's no secret that next to a house, a car is probably one of the biggest purchases many of us will ever make in our lifetime. The problem that many people face, however, is the lack of decent parking for their
To debut on 2016 E-Class
Do you ever wish that your car could park itself? Many folks agree that for all the joys of driving, parking is definitely considered a chore. This is especially true in places where it is hard to find a space. And if
With this new camera technology
The backing-up camera used to be a novelty when it first came out a few years ago. Back then, it was only available on high-end cars and made parking a lot easier, not to mention make the driver look oh-
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