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Think this will pass?
Remember the Proof of Parking Space Act from 2018? It's probably safe to say that didn't push through as planned, huh? This isn't deterring one lawmaker from filing a similar bill in congress, though.House Bill No. 31, also
The LGU will begin clamping illegally parked cars in the city starting July 28
It's not just the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) that's clamping down (no pun intended) on illegally parked vehicles-the local government unit of Pasig City has announced that it will also begin heightening its road-clearing efforts.Starting July
This is a huge headache for the agency
Ridding Metro Manila's streets of illegally-parked cars is a tall task. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), though, is keeping at it-even if hard-headed motorists can't seem to get the message.While facing reporters during a recent
Common sense, guys
Does anyone else around here feel like finding street parking in public is getting more difficult with every passing day? We sure do. Regardless of the situation, though, there's one mortal parking sin we wouldn't ever even think of committing:
The MMDA and MTPB recently caught one
Picture this: You're in the city and you decided to park your car in a seemingly safe spot on the side of the road. Someone then approaches you and asks you to pay for parking. Chances are, you'd pull out
The mall is closing on May 1
In case you haven't heard, Robinsons Forum is shutting its doors permanently on May 1. This is definitely sad news for shoppers who have frequented the mall because of its convenient location along EDSA for the past 18 years, but they
Here are both the standard and overnight parking rates
More and more people are starting to fly in and out with COVID-19 restrictions continuing to ease. It's no wonder our local airports seem to be getting busier by the day.We're also starting to see various inquiries from
How much for just the garage?
How much would you be willing to spend to ensure your ride is safe from the elements? A proper car cover from Lazada, perhaps? Maybe it's time you invested in securing a parking slot inside your condo's garage?But what
Thanks to either adrenaline or sheer strength
Have you ever forgotten to engage your car's parking brake before you exited the vehicle? Don't worry, we've all been there.Some are lucky enough to get off scot-free from such situations. Others, not so much. But for
We think we’ll walk
Think the extra couple of hundred pesos your local mall is charging for your extended stay in its parking garage is absurd? You ain't seen nothing yet.In the US, prices for 2022 Super Bowl parking slots near SoFi Stadium in
On average, this gig earned each homeowner P34,000 throughout the year
In 2020, we learned that the homeowners in the UK made over P1.3 billion renting out their driveways as temporary parking spaces for motorists. Well, it appears business is still booming, as a lot of Brits still took home a lot
It’s hard to secure your car in the middle of a superhero battle
Finding a parking spot in a busy district isn't always easy. But finding a safe spot to leave your car when there's an all-out superhero war going on in the middle of the city? That takes the difficulty to
But hey, at least it’s heated
Prime parking spots in urban centers don't come cheap. Remember: When it comes to real estate like this, you aren't just paying for a place to store your vehicle-you're shelling out dough for convenience and time, too.In
That’s as much as a decent house and lot
In heavily congested cities like Metro Manila, parking doesn't always come easy. That's why some people opt to rent-or in some cases, buy-parking slots just to do away with the chore of jostling for an available slot every
Congress gave it the green light on the third and final reading
Lawmakers have been working on regulating parking fees for several years now already, but it appears Congress is now a step closer to seeing a bill standardizing parking rates passed into law.House Bill No. 7725, also known as the Parking Operations
‘Valet Guys’ showcases the new S-Class’ Intelligent Park Pilot technology
What really happens when you leave your car with a valet? We'd like to think that most of the time, nothing out of the ordinary takes place. Then again, we also know that things can go sideways real quick, so we
This is big business
Well, here's another light bulb idea we wish we had thought of sooner. Apparently, renting out personal parking spaces to fellow motorists is very big business in some countries. How big? According to UK-based parking space booking service Your Parking
We seriously doubt this is safe, though
Normally, we at Top Gear Philippines scoff at social media prank videos. Most of the time, we just don't find them that funny, and in a lot of instances they're just downright obnoxious. "Hey, relax. It's just a prank,
Several establishments have opened their doors to those affected
Typhoon Ulysses caught parts of Luzon off-guard on Wednesday night with strong winds, floods, and rising water levels comparable to 2009's Typhoon Ondoy.Fortunately, several establishments have opened their doors to those affected by the typhoon, offering temporary shelter, free
It wants to develop an infrastructure-based automated valet parking solution
Ford has made tremendous progress with its automated parking technologies over the past decade, and it doesn't look like it'll be slowing down anytime soon.As the American carmaker continues to improve its tech even further, it has now partnered
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