Seriously, guys
You may have seen that viral video of the two ladies standing in a parking spot in what appears to be the outside of a mall. If you haven't yet, try looking it up on Facebook, we're sure you won'
The parking spots get smaller each time but the car keeps doing it in two turns
Parallel parking is arguably a must-learn skill. That said, it can also be a chore that some drivers wish they'd never have to do. Understandable, as it's way easier to back up into a slot or to drive straight
One garage in Cebu is already using it
The Christmas season doesn't just mean major thoroughfares like EDSA and C5 become slow slogs of red lights. If you think waiting in traffic is bad, try finding a mall parking slot during peak holiday shopping hours.It isn't just
We think we’ll hail a ride
How much are parking slots in Metro Manila going for these days? P5,000 per month, more or less? Depending on your income, that's a considerable premium that goes toward car ownership. And this sum is on top of all the
The SUV’s blocking both car and bike lanes right beside a ‘no parking’ sign
Each time the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Sidewalk Clearing Operations Group (SCOG) heads out into whichever city or municipality in the capital, we expect to see head-scratchers. Well, the agency went to Parañaque City earlier this week, and we
Will this pass?
Our days of worrying about hourly parking rates at malls and other similar establishments may be numbered. Well, if this new bill filed in Congress somehow flies, at least.Representative Peter Miguel recently filed 'An act requiring business establishments such as but
The guy even painted the yellow parking box with an X mark for good measure
Some motorists around Metro Manila are fortunate enough to have legal street parking spaces in their respective areas. What's unfortunate about it is that some people still tend to abuse that privilege.Take this guy, for example. During another one of
Places like this are hard to come by in the area
As one of the most bustling restaurant scenes in all of Metro Manila, you'd expect Poblacion to feature some of the city's best grub. Parking, though? Not so much.In many cases, finding a place to grab a bite in
No, this is not allowed
So, we've all agreed that painting shady parking lines on the sidewalk won't work. But what about "sponsored" parking signs like the one you see above? These look legit enough, don't they?The answer is no. And the Metropolitan
Heads up!
Heads up, Makati City motorists: Finding a streetside parking spot is about to get a whole lot more convenient.The Makati City local government has announced that streetside parking slots along Amorsolo and C. Palanca Street will soon go contactless through the
Do you have any plans to use this app?
Remember when malls were all about convenience? You know, as in being able to accomplish all your shopping needs in one drive? Yeah...Pepperidge Farms remembers.These days, that dream is dead-unless 'convenience' means spending ages circling around the mall parking
You can’t just DIY this, people
Sometimes, you just can't help but be amazed (baffled, even) by the genius or what we usually call diskarte of the Filipino people. That diskarte, though, isn't always put to good use.Remember the time when an illegally parked jeepney
Dibz is one of the eight operating units under the MPTC umbrella
Parking has always been an issue for motorists in Metro Manila. Even if you're willing to pay the price for a secured slot, you'd have to find an available one first, which is already a problem in and of itself.
The driver from the viral video also pleaded not guilty to charges this week
Yes, even if it’s the barangay you’re paying
We've seen all sorts of blunders and violations these past few months courtesy of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) intensified road-clearing operations. But what the agency recently came across somewhere in Caloocan, however, might be a first of
Say what again?
Authorities in Quezon City have been consistently cracking down on bike-lane violators. From motorcycle riders entering the marked lanes to illegally parked vehicles, everybody gets a ticket. Over in Manila City, though, it appears that vehicles are allowed to park within
Say what?
Remember when the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) mentioned how illegally parked vehicles keep returning after the agency finishes its clearing operations? Here's proof.During one of the agency's recent clearing ops in Quezon City, MMDA personnel apparently ticketed a
Have you tried this facility?
One convenient way to go about saving fuel these days is to park your car near a public terminal and take public transportation instead. If you're looking for a viable parking spot down south to do this, you might want to
Two other streets will be no-vending zones with one-lane parking
It looks like the Manila City local government unit was just getting started when it conducted massive road-clearing ops in Quiapo last week. Now, the LGU has announced that it will begin the strict implementation of its No Parking, No Vending
Think this will pass?
Remember the Proof of Parking Space Act from 2018? It's probably safe to say that didn't push through as planned, huh? This isn't deterring one lawmaker from filing a similar bill in congress, though.House Bill No. 31, also
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