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Ending a 12-year run
All good things come to an end. Earlier this month, Toyota and Isuzu announced that they were dissolving their capital tie-up, which has been ongoing since 2006.Currently, Toyota owns 50 million shares (equating to a 5.89% stake) in Isuzu,
Zero-emissions R8, please
Remember when mentioning Hyundai and Audi in the same sentence might seem like the set-up to a lazy joke? If you need any further proof the pair are on similar pegging now-beyond brilliant Hyundais-then the pair are now working
What could it mean?
More industry news. Ford and Volkswagen have signed something called a "memorandum of understanding," with a view to forming a "strategic alliance" that could see the two companies jointly develop a range of commercial vehicles...among other things.The aim of this
A glorious union
In some good news for the forensically minded and desperately power-hungry, McLaren has joined forces with BMW. It's to create potential powertrains for the next generation of McLaren cars-likely to fit in its all-new chassis.The last time
Ghosn to become chairman
From two they became three. Completing a process that began months ago, Nissan Motor Company has completed its acquisition of a 34% stake in Mitsubishi Motors.Nissan is already allied with Renault, and with Mitsubishi becoming part of this partnership, the new
A potential game-changer
Partnerships between carmakers usually have mixed results, depending on the scope of their vision and how they stand to benefit from one another. According to a report by Forbes, there is another partnership in the works that could potentially shake up the
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