Respect our rides
Dear irate passenger,Hey, it's me. The guy behind the wheel. I read your letter a little while back about my habits that annoy you. That's cool, I'm all for constructive criticism. But in the interest of fairness, I'
Stop these now
Dear person behind the wheel,Thanks for driving me around. No, really. I appreciate the time you're taking to help me reach my destination. I know braving the roads is tough and tiring, so I commend your efforts.That said, you
You're 'Goldilocks' behind the wheel
Don't you just love backseat drivers? The way even the simplest turn of the wheel or the way one holds it is a matter of life or death? How any speed past the imaginary limit set inside his or her mind
Because sometimes the best journeys are the shared ones
It's one of those interminable rush hour drives going home, and you feel the crawling traffic is sucking the life out of you. Again. Radio is boring, you're tired of the same Spotify playlists, and you stare out your car
No cargo is more important than your kid
We've previously posted about the different kinds of child seats and their uses. One term that came up was Isofix. For parents who are truly serious about the safety of their children, the presence of this system is pretty important in
In the name of safety
Ford has now licensed its patented inflatable seatbelt technology, making it available to other companies--including its competitors in the automotive industry--in the name of safety.According to the American carmaker, the availability of licenses "may lead to the wider adoption
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