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Calls for more signs and crosswalks
It's safe to say that Manila is far from being a pedestrian-friendly city. Walking the streets is just about the only thing more dangerous than driving on them--if the wayward vehicles don't get you, either the pollution or
It's drastic but worth it
Last month, we brought home our second baby. As momentous an occasion as that is for any proud parent, I've also been reminded of several changes that happen to my motoring outlook, most especially when I'm trying to stay awake
To assist PWDs when crossing the street
Representative Lorna Velasco (Party list, AMA) has filed a bill seeking to equip traffic lights with audible signals at all pedestrian crossings "to provide safety for persons with disability, elderly people and pregnant women when crossing the street.""The audible traffic signal
Stop, look and listen. Simple, right?
We honestly don't know how to write this piece without coming across as snarky, violent and politically incorrect. In the end, we simply chose to be frank in tackling the "10 worst habits of Filipino pedestrians" that inspire us to keep
To be installed at all pedestrian crossings
Wishing to empower the blind and the elderly by making them less reliant on other pedestrians when crossing the street, Representatives Neri Javier Colmenares and Teddy Casiño (party-list, Bayan Muna) filed House Bill 6730, which proposes the installation of audible
How about a law that protects motorists from irresponsible pedestrians?
A Filipino lawmaker believes international road regulations applied in the Philippines do not provide enough safeguard for pedestrians and has filed the Pedestrian Protection Act of 2011 at the House of Representatives.Items in the Pedestrian Protection Act of 2011 include:- mandating
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