This is depressing stuff
It goes without saying that the road situation here in the Philippines leaves much to be desired. Motorists' spines and their rides' scarred underbellies will attest to this fact, as dealing with pockmarked roads and unending traffic is part of the Filipino
How have the NCAP tests changed over the years
It isn't for the purposes of adolescent glee that the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) flings perfectly good cars at exceptionally solid objects, and vice-versa. Over the past two decades, car-crash fatalities have dropped from around 60,000 a
One LGU is already doing it
What you're looking at is a 3D-painted pedestrian lane in Bohol. The image was recently shared on the Facebook page of the Municipality of Loon, and it has us thinking: Could this unique crosswalk design make crossing the street safer?
Pedestrians take note
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.How to survive being hit by a car. Is there a 'proper' way to be laid out flat on the asphalt by an oncoming
A great initiative
What's the best way to educate people about road and pedestrian safety? If you ask us, the easiest and most effective method is to start young. Knowing your rights on the road is an essential life skill, and one that should
You'll see them even when you're driving
Whenever I'm in a foreign city--say, Tokyo or New York--strolling around is a favorite pastime, something I hardly do in Metro Manila (unless perhaps I'm inside a mall). Chief of the reasons I don't regularly saunter down
Calls for more signs and crosswalks
It's safe to say that Manila is far from being a pedestrian-friendly city. Walking the streets is just about the only thing more dangerous than driving on them--if the wayward vehicles don't get you, either the pollution or
Every motorist should watch this
A couple of months ago, we wrote a report about #SaveKidsLives, a United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRC) program, wherein we enumerated various statistics on traffic-related injury and deaths among kids aged five to 18. One of the findings of the
But ground testing to push through
The "Bayanihan Sa Daan" road-sharing exercise originally scheduled for June 28 (Sunday), has been postponed, according to Share The Road Movement's Facebook page. A ground-testing activity will take place instead.So, what exactly will happen tomorrow? From 6am to
Car crashes kill more kids than you think
In a land where aggressive behavior behind the wheel is common, other pressing motoring concerns are being neglected. Issues like child safety on the road take a backseat as we try to educate drivers to keep their cool, respect traffic officers, and
Find out how this safety system works
Jaguar Land Rover is currently working on a system that will alert the driver of its vehicles of potential hazards involving bicycles and motorcycles.Called Bike Sense, the technology makes use of sensors that can detect if an approaching object is a
It's drastic but worth it
Last month, we brought home our second baby. As momentous an occasion as that is for any proud parent, I've also been reminded of several changes that happen to my motoring outlook, most especially when I'm trying to stay awake
Available soon on its cars starting this year
Ford will soon introduce on its vehicles its new driver-assist system, which "can reduce the severity of or even eliminate some frontal collisions involving vehicles and pedestrians."Using radar and camera technology, Ford's Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection scans
To assist PWDs when crossing the street
Representative Lorna Velasco (Party list, AMA) has filed a bill seeking to equip traffic lights with audible signals at all pedestrian crossings "to provide safety for persons with disability, elderly people and pregnant women when crossing the street.""The audible traffic signal
Stop, look and listen. Simple, right?
We honestly don't know how to write this piece without coming across as snarky, violent and politically incorrect. In the end, we simply chose to be frank in tackling the "10 worst habits of Filipino pedestrians" that inspire us to keep
Improving road safety for everyone
Volvo\'s pioneering work on pedestrian protection has earned for the Swedish carmaker the 2013 Global NCAP Innovation Award at the \"Enhanced Safety of Vehicles Conference\" in Seoul, South Korea, recently.With pedestrians accounting for a significant number of traffic fatalities in
For the safety of other road users
Electric and hybrid vehicles are known for the silent operation of its electric motors. To help make pedestrians aware of the approach of these kinds of vehicles, the United States' Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is proposing
To be installed at all pedestrian crossings
Wishing to empower the blind and the elderly by making them less reliant on other pedestrians when crossing the street, Representatives Neri Javier Colmenares and Teddy Casiño (party-list, Bayan Muna) filed House Bill 6730, which proposes the installation of audible
Taking pedestrian safety one step further
Two years after Volvo introduced its Pedestrian Detection system with full auto brake to the global market, the Swedish carmaker is now introducing another innovation that will protect pedestrians in vehicular accidents: the world's first pedestrian airbag.According to Volvo, the
Do you agree?
A study has revealed that a vehicle equipped with a backup-camera system with its related display located in the rearview mirror is less likely to encounter an accident reversing compared with a vehicle that has its camera display somewhere in the
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