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It's faster to 60mph than a Bugatti Chiron
Forget everything you have seen or heard about the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. It's all just fluff compared with what we are exclusively about to tell you here. This car isn't just a warmed-over Hellcat, it's a
At Hyundai's R&D center in Germany
Imagine you're vice president of engineering at BMW's M Division. Well done! One day, Hyundai comes calling and offers you a job that creates a new line of hot hatches. You'd have to be fairly confident you'd get
Where supercars can stretch their legs
If you follow us on Facebook, you know that there is no shortage of fine supercars in Metro Manila. Even pages like Cars & Coffee Manila regularly document Sunday-morning gatherings in Bonifacio Global City, prompting other gearheads to wonder whether the Philippines
Supercar-like wagon and liftback
When we think of high-performance motoring, we normally imagine a Ferrari, a Lamborghini or even a Pagani. But slowly, Audi is making a name for itself in the realm of extreme sports cars, and not just for its R8 supercar.We'
Double-clutch automatic or stick shift?
Manual or dual-clutch transmission? While most enthusiasts will tell you they'd still rather swap cogs themselves, the answer to that question hasn't been very clear-cut in the last 15 years or so.In the case of the BMW
Expect more high-performance cars
BMW has its M division, Mercedes-Benz cars are tuned by AMG, and Nissans become more desirable thanks to Nismo. If you're a bona fide car nut, you're well aware that what we're referring to are the tuning companies
Especially the Bare Naked Carbon Edition
For some guys who really love driving--and are sitting on large reserves of cash--an ordinary sports car just won't cut it. Mazda MX-5 or Toyota 86? Too pedestrian. BMW M3 or Porsche 911? Too predictable. Ferrari 458 or
Luxury with lots of oomph
The name Mercedes-Benz is usually associated with stately sedans ferrying dignitaries, heads of state, and people who have "made it" in the corporate world. True enough, men and women who can afford such luxury have chosen the brand since the mere
Fancy a Fiesta RS?
Ford has been building up its Ford Performance product portfolio. Displaying the Fiesta ST, the Focus ST, the Shelby GT350 and GT350R, the F-150 Raptor, the upcoming GT supercar and the Focus RS at this year's Geneva International Motor Show,
855 T-5R meets V60 Polestar
In 1994, Volvo introduced its first high-performance wagon: the 855 T-5R, which had a five-cylinder turbocharged engine that produced 240hp and 330Nm. Twenty years later and Polestar brought the car together with its current heir, the V60 Polestar, at
Check out what's inside the facility
Setting foot inside the Nissan Motorsports International (Nismo) headquarters is a pants-wetting moment for the fanboys, and I totally get it. I'm a fan, too. Nissan's exclusive global performance road car and motorsport brand officially opened its new headquarters
Via AMG Private Lounge
Mercedes-AMG, of course, is the high-performance brand of German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. Its cars are more special and naturally more expensive than the regular Mercs, but the premium is very well justified. For one, AMG follows the philosophy of "
50th one of Autoplus shop owner
Every year, Autoplus shop owner Carlos Gono throws a party to mark his birthday, and invites his close friends who, like him, are hardcore car enthusiasts. Usually, the party is a breakfast affair, held right after the group has done the obligatory
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