It’s the end of an era
It's been almost two decades since the Segway personal transporter (PT) made its global debut. Unfortunately, its run has come to an end, as Segway Inc. has just announced that it is halting production of its self-balancing two-wheeler.According
This thing’s quite a looker
I like e-bikes, I really do. They're a neat way to go about getting around in an environmentally-sound fashion, and they run on considerably less physical effort compared to their purely pedal-powered counterparts.E-bikes are such an
Meet the Spanish brand’s new all-electric motorcycle and electric kick scooter
It looks like Seat also wants in on the current urban mobility solutions trend. The Spanish carmaker just launched three new battery-powered two-wheelers: The Mo eScooter125, the eKickScooter65, and the eKickScooter25.First up is the Seat Mo eScooter125, the brand'
Bikes will be a big part of the new normal
Remember: Frontline workers aren't limited to just healthcare professionals. Delivery riders, police and military personnel, and utility workers are out there risking their lives, too. Add mall personnel to that list.With this in mind, Life Cycles PH, which has been
Caddies are going to love this
Let me begin by stating I do not play golf. I never have, and doubt I ever will--I just never learned to appreciate the sport. One of the things I do appreciate, however, is a good vehicle. If it looks good,
Is the deal worth it?
Okay, this will be short. Segway Philippines--formally known as Simply Moving Philippines--has introduced a sales promo that entitles a buyer to a free unit of the popular personal-mobility device if said buyer purchases 10 units. Sure, that sounds a
At least for us
If I could hand out a \"Most Entertaining\" award to one particular car at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show--at least during the two press days that I was there--I would give it to the Toyota i-Road, the Japanese carmaker\'
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