Is the deal worth it?
Okay, this will be short. Segway Philippines--formally known as Simply Moving Philippines--has introduced a sales promo that entitles a buyer to a free unit of the popular personal-mobility device if said buyer purchases 10 units. Sure, that sounds a
At least for us
If I could hand out a \"Most Entertaining\" award to one particular car at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show--at least during the two press days that I was there--I would give it to the Toyota i-Road, the Japanese carmaker\'
Less than a year after buying the company
In what could only be described as tragic irony, the owner of the company that manufactures the Segway personal transporter died after he fell off a cliff while riding one of his firm's self-balancing motorized scooters.James William Heselden was
Is this the future of transport?
While other carmakers and distributors will showcase new vehicle models and concept cars at the third Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS), Honda Cars Philippines will take a different path by unveiling a one-wheel personal mobility device.Called the U3-X, Honda'
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