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Not bad at all
It's hard to appreciate fuel at first glance. Unlike a car, you can't admire its look, design, or even the way it sounds. Instead, what you're left with is a dark liquid that you can only feel once it'
This is the cleanest fuel you can buy in the country
Petron has always showed consistency in being the 'first' in the advancement of its gasoline products for the past two decades. In 2000, it introduced its Blaze 100 gasoline with RON 97 rating. At that time, it was the highest available octane
Cleaner and more efficient
If you're a responsible car owner, then you should care about your car's condition and fuel economy. Hopefully, you're also concerned with how your car impacts the environment. With those things in mind, Petron has now launched Blaze 100
6 months ahead of gov't target date
Conscious about what kind of fuel you put into your car? This news might interest you.Yesterday, Petron Corporation formally announced that all gasoline products produced at its Bataan oil refinery are now Euro 4-compliant. Which means if you bring your
Around Cavite and Batangas
Petron and its 100-octane Blaze high-performance gasoline powered the vehicles that took part in the second Drive Tour Caravan organized by the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP) last November 27.Twenty-six cars joined the caravan and were flagged
Why do you think they launched the high-octane fuel?
On November 21, Petron officially rolled out its new Blaze 100 product, effectively supplanting the previous Blaze with an octane rating of 96--just as we had reported here a few days before the actual launch. We've received an official media
Choose the right fuel
Dear Ferman, I just want to know if I could use Petron\'s XCS (95 RON). Ford Balintawak told me that I could only use a 97 octane fuel for my car, that is why I only use V-power/Blaze. Thanks.
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