Articles about Pets In Cars

And how to avoid killing them
Cats may be Instagram superstars, but they're vulnerable creatures outside social media. When they're not getting run over by vehicles, they turn into feline ground meat when they hide inside car engine bays (okay, sometimes, they survive and get out
Men's best friend vs. your ride
They're as cuddly as teddy bears and yet will quickly jump to their human companion's defense when a real or perceived danger arises. For that we all love them dearly, and many treat them like members of the family.How
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Paws everything you're doing: Nissan has made a car aimed directly at dogs, and it's probably the most ingenious thing you'll
You'll surely dream of them
We suspect you will agree with us when we say that dogs are the best joyride passengers. They don't bark directions (yes, they bark, but at least they don't boss you around). They don't nag you about something you
For a safe and fun drive
Last month, the Bow & Wow all-natural pet store hosted a benefit dinner together with CARA Welfare Philippines, a non-profit organization committed to spreading awareness on the ethical treatment of animals, to celebrate National Pet Parent's Day.CARA volunteers shared
Are you one of them?
She costs a fortune to maintain, leaks fluid all over the place, makes weird noises, and sometimes seems like she's more trouble than she's worth. No, we aren't talking about that rusty old classic automobile gathering dust inside your
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