Welcome back to prototype racing, Peugeot
The new Peugeot 9X8 Le Mans Hypercar - which was revealed last year to much fanfare on account of having no rear wing - will make its racing debut at the 6 Hours of Monza this weekend.If you recall, it had been hoped
We love this body style
Peugeot is wedging a car between the 308 and the 508. Top Gear is giving absolutely no prizes for guessing its name. Welcome to the 408.It's a fastback, with a long tail giving a decent boot. It's also got
Coming at the end of June
While Peugeot enjoys success in Europe and Latin America, the company has long wanted a lion's share of sales in Asia. In a market where Japanese and South Korean brands rule, one of France's largest automakers wants to make its
Big names like the Subaru BRZ and Chevrolet Tahoe also made their local debut
Looking for something more upscale?
Peugeot Philippines has truly been on a roll since it came under new management to kick-off 2022. The brand has just introduced its fourth consecutive model since then: The Peugeot Traveller Premium.The upscale MPV joins the 5008, the 3008, and
A more upscale option in the subcompact crossover segment
For a while, subcompact crossovers were purely mass-market offerings catering to buyers in search of a high-riding daily driver on a budget. Slowly, though, more upscale offerings have entered the segment-the latest being the 2022 Peugeot 2008.Priced at
Expect more 3D-printed stuff from Peugeot and parent group Stellantis soon
Peugeot has joined forces with HP to create a new line of wild-looking 3D-printed accessories for the 308. Never thought we'd be that into cupholder design, if we're honest, but these are very cool indeed.There's a
Looking for an upscale MPV?
Peugeot Philippines, now under new management, kicked off 2022 with the local introduction of two new Lions-the new 5008 and 3008. To keep the ball rolling, the French company is launching yet another new model early next month.The Peugeot Traveller
The SUV lands with modern styling and a lot of new tech
Fresh off the launch of the new 5008, Peugeot Philippines and its new distributor Astara now continue to pick up the pace by bringing in yet another new model to our market: the new 3008. The updated SUV comes with updated styling,
Do you agree?
The Festival Automobile International is back with its annual Most Beautiful Car awards. Through this program, the organization recognizes the "most beautiful and cutting-edge automotive projects" from the past year.Bagging the trophy for the Most Beautiful Car in 2022 is
Peugeot’s research found that 40% of parents approve of this
Here's an interesting line of logic: Young people care about climate change. They want their family to do its bit. Electric cars are a glaringly obvious step. Child persuades parent to go electric. Ergo, kids are calling the shots in new
The new seven-seater will be priced at P2.26 million
Peugeot Philippines is shaking things up to start the year. The company has now announced that it will now operate under its new distributor, Astara.Astara is one of the biggest automotive distributors in Europe and Latin America, and it has now
Think this has what it takes in the heavily stacked local pickup segment?
Remember Peugeot's pickup, the Landtrek? Well, there might be a slight chance of it arriving in our market.You see, the truck is now set to arrive in ASEAN. According to a report by PaulTan.org, the Landtrek is scheduled to
Not a lot of people expected these things to become racing machines
Driver Ricky Rydell had literally no idea Volvo wanted to stuff a square into a circle-shaped hole. "When I signed up for Volvo and TWR around Christmas 1993, I didn't know about the estate plans," he said. "If I'
Anyone else on Team Wagon here? Anyone...? Fine
Welcome to the latest Peugeot 308 SW-the perfect antidote to all those baby crossovers we often moan about on these pages.For the new 308 hatchback (unveiled a few months back), Peugeot added 55mm into the wheelbase compared to the previous
How long can this last?
Well, this isn't a good look at all. According to a report by Bloomberg, car manufacturers are now being forced to leave out advanced tech features from their offerings because of the ongoing global semiconductor chip shortage.The report says Nissan
Confirmed by the French carmaker itself
There won't be a GTI version of the new Peugeot 308. Jerome Micheron, Peugeot's product director, says: "If you look at the market for sporty versions, and the CO2 regulations, it has collapsed."We'll take that as a no
We like it
With all the car manufacturers opting to go minimalist with their brands recently, Peugeot's move is a much-appreciated breath of fresh air.The French car manufacturer recently unveiled a new lion's head logo, and frankly, we like it. It'
The French squad broke the previous record by over 90sec
The first six months of 2013 were not good for Peugeot: the announcement of the planned closure of its Aulnay factory, the resultant cull of 8,000 jobs, the termination of its prestigious endurance racing program. In terms of good-news stories
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