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A ‘Swappable Batteries Consortium” for motorcycles and light EVs will be created
Big news for both the automotive and motorcycle industries: manufacturers Honda, KTM, Piaggio, and Yamaha have signed a letter of intent to create a new 'Swappable Batteries Consortium for Motorcycles and Light Electric Vehicles.'According to Honda, the founding members of the
A few ideas we cooked up
As our metropolis, and the world, has been forced to become immobile, mobility has never become more important for a select few-the frontliners. But while the police have always had their own means of transport, health professionals have relied mostly on
It’s an eclectic list, to say the least
At the risk of oversimplifying and understating the situation, things are bad. And we have a long metaphorical road to travel before we're clear of the current miasma.Even when we emerge, blinking into the sunlight, we're still going to
It is set to hit the Japanese market on May 15, 2020
First revealed globally in 2014, the Yamaha Tricity is the first three-wheeler that Team Blue developed in collaboration with race engineer Kazuhisa Takano. It was initially powered by a 125cc motor, and the reception then was generally positive for this innovative
This Italian-badged workhorse is now Euro 4-compliant
After almost a year's absence, the Piaggio Ape is back with a vengeance.Powered by a 435cc four-stroke, single-cylinder diesel engine, the versatile three-wheeler is now Euro 4-compliant, assures AutoItalia Philipines Enterprises (APE). Do note that the
There are several factors
Narrow at the front and bulbous at the rear, with swept-back handlebars resembling the antennae of a wasp-una vespa. These design elements are essential to the DNA of the Vespa scooter.They are as distinctive now as they were in
Would you ride an Italian tricycle?
Tricycles, as a form of public transportation, aren't exactly vehicles that convey a 'premium' vibe. More often than not, they're bare-boned, rickety three-wheelers that serve one single purpose: to allow commuters to travel short distances on a
Why does it cost so much?
Does anyone remember the Vespa 946 Emporio Armani edition? Marked by an elegant design with input from Giorgio Armani himself, the Italian scooter caused jaws to drop and eyebrows to shoot up when it was unveiled to the global market in 2015-
Featured at the recent Milan Motorcycle Show
Yes, we know, part of the Vespa's charm is its classic design and old-school vibe, but how would a futuristic-looking model from the iconic Italian scooter manufacturer turn out? Would fans embrace it or shun the idea altogether?Now
For practical mobile businesses
Commercial vehicles need not be drab and boring, thanks to Autoitalia Philippines Enterprises (APE), the distributor of Piaggio commercial vehicles in the country which were on display at the just-concluded Manila International Auto Show.A wholly owned subsidiary of the Autohub
<p>Pinoy bikers welcome Italian brands Piaggio, Vespa and Gilera</p>
A new motorcycle distributor called MotoItalia Philippines--a joint venture between the Autohub Group and Garden Barn--last week officially announced the arrival of the three Italian motorbike brands from the Piaggio Group. Founded in 1884, Piaggio apparently is the fourth-largest
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