It greatly improves the pickup’s utility without messing up the stock look
If you've ever had to live with a pickup, then you understand that no matter how handy that bed at the back looks like there are still certain types of cargo that it won't be able to carry that easily.
Good luck, guys!
Endurance racing is no joke. The slightest misstep can make or break a vehicle's standing-and we're not just talking about a driver's performance behind the wheel, either.How an endurance racer performs also depends largely on the building
Okavango with a bed? Not quite.
A few months ago, Geely previewed a new model under its Radar brand. Dubbed the RD6, it's the brand's first foray into the pickup truck class, and it does so rather differently. At the time, there weren'
Yes, another one
A pangolin isn't exactly an animal you'd associate with the ruggedness of a pickup truck, but somehow, Mazda Philippines made it work with the release of the BT-50 Pangolin Edition.If you'll recall, the Pangolin Edition was built
We like it
On one hand, opting to life this thing's suspension may have made it slightly more difficult to load things out back. But on the other? Man, this thing looks good.This is a two-door Toyota Hilux cargo variant that's
We’re jealous
Come on, Nissan. Are you holding out on us over here in the Philippines? Don't get us wrong-the Navara Pro-4X is neat and all. But it just doesn't hold a candle to the kind of attention Nismo is
Believe it or not, this race-ready truck will join the stock class
Back in 2017, Ford took on the Baja 1000 in an almost-standard F-150 Raptor. After nearly 1,400km of desert racing, the F-150 came home third in the SCORE stock class and then proceeded to drive nearly 650km back
Our staff member tries one to find out
Okay, so Mitsubishi's new Ralliart Edition releases aren't exactly what fans were expecting. Still, we're glad to see the name back in the local market. Even if it is just in the form of this dressed-up Strada.The
Was the Hummer too much for you?
You didn't think GMC was stopping with the Hummer, did you? Granted, the Sierra EV isn't as mind-numbing when it comes to specs, but it's the same premise: a battery, numbers that'll blow gas-guzzling counterparts out
Guess how many units it sold
There are hot-selling pickups, and then there's the Toyota Hilux. Seriously, is there a single market on the planet this thing hasn't conquered?Just how popular is Toyota's workhorse? Global sales data consolidated by automotive industry analyst Felipe
The pickup is selling like hotcakes
Planning to buy a pickup before excise taxes are applied to the segment? Yeah, so are thousands of other customers, we're assuming-and right now, it appears the all-new Ranger is on a lot of people's wish lists.The
We drive a 4x2 unit to find out
There's the Ford Ranger, and there's the Ford Ranger Wildtrak. The latter is usually what you go for when you want the best the lineup has to offer. You don't necessarily have to go all-out on a 4x4
It’s a light tactical vehicle heavily equipped for surveillance operations
We've seen all sorts of military-vehicle conversions for the previous-generation Ford Ranger. But for the all-new model? There aren't too many of them yet. We did find one, though, and it looks menacing.This is the FG-
It gets similar updates to the Mu-X
The MU-X isn't the only Isuzu that gets updates for the 2023 model year. The Japanese automaker also applied some changes to the D-Max pickup for good measure. With that, we might expect a couple of these updates to
It's nice to see engineers going crazy once in a while
The Ford Excursion is classed in its American homeland as a 'full-sized SUV' and everywhere else as 'a small planet'. Being big enough to seat most of New Hampshire, the mid-2000s spec giant was supplied with a variety of V8s
Looks wild
Ferrari's currently one of the talks of the town. Not because the Scuderia and Charles Leclerc are slowly but surely losing their chances at bringing home any silverware by the end of the 2022 Formula 1 season, but because of Maranello'
Uh oh
The funding for all those fancy new bridges and infrastructure projects? It has to come from somewhere, right? And with the way discussions regarding the Department of Finance's (DOF) proposal to raise taxes are going, it's increasingly looking likely that
Simple workhorses, right?
At the heart of it, work trucks are really just one thing: simple, reliable tools, made to shoulder the weight of their owners' vocations. But machines made with such honesty of intent and singularity of purpose somehow wind up being desirable in
Imagine something like this turning up at your local car meet
Remember when YouTuber Simone Giertz decided to build a Tesla pickup? The 'Truckla' as it was so cleverly called turned heads and raised eyebrows, but not solely for the wrong reasons. The world was waiting for Tesla to unveil its pickup back
These utes aren’t all rugged brutes
As much as I like pickups, I'm never going to get one as a daily driver. A pickup has too large a footprint, offers limited room inside the cabin, lacks accessible cargo space, and can be downright tiring to drive. My
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