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It wouldn’t be based on any existing Toyota truck model
The Ranger gets electrified
Ford has unveiled the all-new Ranger Plug-in Hybrid pickup truck, although thanks to the lack of information included in its initial press release the name is pretty much all we know about it so far.Well, that and the fact
Has the Raptor found its match?
When Toyota Motor Philippines first introduced the Hilux GR-S back in 2021, it really was more of a cosmetic package with a few GR bits. But for 2024, Toyota has transformed the Hilux GR-S into something worthy of the Gazoo
It looks quite the thing
Nissan has launched a special edition of its Frontier truck that pays tribute to the classic '80s Hardbody pickup. If you're of a certain maturity, you're probably thinking Datsun. Apparently, it doesn't matter.Hiren Patel, project lead designer
by Cat Dow
More tech, kit, and power
The Ford F-150 has been the USA's best-selling vehicle for the last 46 years. The full-size truck took the sales lead in 1977 and has kept it since. But just because it has been on the top for
A legit Raptor-fighter?
Yes, yes it is. Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has now officially launched the updated Hilux GR-S following its sudden reveal at the second leg of the 2023 TGR Vios Cup. It boasts bold new styling and a beefier overall look but
It bids goodbye to the nameplate with the TRX Final Edition
Few vehicles are as absurd as the supercharged Ram 1500 TRX. So our inner hooligan can't help but shed a tear upon hearing the news that this mega maniac will go out of production at the end of this year. You
It’s still a few years away, though
The Toyota Corolla isn't the first thing in mind when someone says pickup. Normally, the first product that comes to mind would be the Hilux, or if you're in North America, the Tacoma or Tundra. But Toyota reckons there's
It looks so damn good
Ah, the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Ain't she a beaut? The reception to Toyota's all-new LC300 sibling has been nothing short of spectacular. The carmaker really did hit the mark with this design.That being said, we
A moment of silence for the EcoDiesel engine
Attention Americans-have you come around to the benefits of a torquey diesel engine in a big off-roader? And are you a fan of the Jeep Gladiator pickup? Well, it's time to act fast, because Jeep is killing off its
Reserve price starts at £7,500, or around P540,000
Here is a really old Japanese car for sale with a tiny engine and a small footprint. It is a B20 Datsun Sunny truck, and it could be just the cheer you need this summer.Because this gloriously rare and, frankly, gloriously
We’ll have to get used to that new nameplate
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines' (MMPC) 60th Anniversary Expo is upon us, and during the opening ceremonies, the company made some a pretty big announcement: It confirmed the next-gen Strada's arrival.Now, that doesn't exactly come as a surprise, but at
It’s very different from the rest of the world
It seems that, unlike the Southeast Asian market, China isn't too big on pickup trucks. Granted, there are some homegrown products over there, but pickups don't seem to get the same level of fanfare compared to us, Thailand, and Australia.
Despite its size, the Ford F-150 has been a steady seller in the Philippines. It's an impressive feat too, given that Ford doesn't have to market the truck all too often. It could even be said the F-150
Ready for business
Typically, when manufacturers premiere a new vehicle, they would show off the top-spec versions first and give most of the press attention to the fully-loaded variants. But the debut of the all-new Mitsubishi Strada was a little different. Aside
This is it!
This is it, ladies and gentlemen. This is perhaps the most important pickup launch of the year.After months of countless teasers, videos, and previews, Mitsubishi has finally unveiled the all-new Strada in nine years. Known as the Triton in most
Still no sign of it being sold outside North America
It's been years since Hyundai released the Santa Cruz. Unfortunately, the compact car-based pickup still isn't offered outside of North America. We think that's a bit of a shame since pickups are such strong sellers here.That also
How many years have we heard this said already, though...
Tesla CEO and part-time Twitter nuisance Elon Musk showed the world the Tesla Cybertruck back in November 2019, which, wow, feels like an eon ago. Ridiculous as it was-and still is-the big, spaceship-looking thing continues to be a
More power, hopefully
Mitsubishi is sure making a lot of noise about the next-generation Strada. So far, the company has shown photo teasers, videos, and even a few action shots of the all-new pickup. Now, Mitsubishi has dropped a major detail about the
The electrified Hilux can still dance on the dirt
Toyota officially announced that the Hilux will be getting mild hybrid power by next year. It will be equipped with a 48V battery and a small electric motor-generator, and it's also expected to be sold worldwide. Keen to prove it'
Complete with screaming yellow paint
Unless you have no internet access, you probably know that the sixth-generation Mitsubishi Strada will be unveiled by July 26, 2023. We've seen a few teaser photos of it, as well as the new truck in action on and off
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