Is this your favorite roadster, too?
The Mazda MX-5 isn't just a hit because of its performance and looks. Its affordability compared to other locally available drop-tops is a factor in its success, too.All this considered, it shouldn't come as any surprise that
Worth the asking price?
Ralliart is back in the Philippines. Well, sort of.As we reported earlier, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC) has brought in Ralliart variants of the Strada and Montero Sport midsize SUV. But again, these aren't souped-up versions of the vehicle, but
Excited for this EV?
When Kia unveiled the EV6 a while back, it was big news. Not just because it was the first all-electric vehicle from the Korean carmaker in a while, but also because it was a really good EV at that. All the
The announcement of the all-new BR-V's impending arrival isn't the only headline at Honda's 2022 Philippine International Show (PIMS) display.If you're planning on buying a brand-new Honda HR-V but, for some reason, have
Wait for this
Our prediction was correct. Honda Cars Philippines' mystery display for the 2022 Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) is indeed the all-new BR-V. What's more, the Japanese carmaker has announced that the subcompact SUV is slated for a local release
Could this be the first electrified Suzuki in our market?
The 2022 Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) is officially underway. One of the first reveals of the day? The new Ertiga Hybrid courtesy of Suzuki Philippines. Our guess was right, after all.This electrified MPV landed in Indonesia just a few months
Would you like this to be sold in PH?
Just a couple of days left until the 2022 Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS). By now, many of you likely have your itineraries for the event figured out (at least if you aren't planning on circling the whole venue)-although a
The Strada and the Montero Sport might get the treatment
If you're someone who has looked at neighboring markets' Mitsubishi lineups receive Ralliart makeovers and felt jealous, dropping by the 2022 Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) will probably be worth your while.Mitsubishi Motors Philippines has confirmed that Ralliart will be
You should definitely drop by
It's hard to believe it's been almost four years since the last time the Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) rolled into town, but surprisingly, this is the case. Thanks a lot, COVID-19.That said, PIMS 2022 has a lot
The four-day event will be held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City
This is it, people. We received confirmation a few months ago that the Philippine International Motor Show(PIMS) will be making a comeback this year. Now, we finally have an official schedule.The Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI) has
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