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It's not considered an 'added service'
Picture this: You've just bought a brand-new ride and are in the process of registering it. The dealer suggests that you pay an extra P3,000 to P5,000 in order to choose the final numeral on your license
It's a start, at least
A lot of motorists are still waiting on their plates from the Land Transportation Office (LTO), but it's nice to see that progress is finally being made. Today, the Department of Transportation through the LTO has turned over the plates for
About damn time
Good things come to those who wait, or something like that. We're sure many car owners out there would rather receive their license plates than hear that idiom one more time. Well, if you registered your car between July 1 to
To produce its own license plates
Have you complained about delayed license plates anytime in the last few years? Don't worry, because the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has apparently heard your cries. The government organization today inaugurated its very own plate-making plant at its headquarters in
It's about damn time
Still waiting for your new license plates? You know, like you've been doing for the past year or two? If yes, you'll be glad to know that the Supreme Court (SC) has finally lifted the temporary restraining order (TRO) preventing
Explains controversial '8' plate
Contrary to popular belief, getting married and starting a family isn't necessarily a death sentence for gearheads and car nuts. We've actually featured dozens of happy car-loving couples on our Facebook page in prenup shoots, or simply posing with
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