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‘Racing with Legends’ is up on Facebook, and you can watch it there for free
As told to Top Gear PH by the late-great Pocholo Ramirez
The year was 1971. In the midst of political upheavals, motorsports was emerging to be a popular crowd-drawer. Circuit racing, in particular, had emerged out of the shadows of rallying and had already become a stand-alone event. More and more
A film about Filipino racing legends
Hardcore motorsport fans often wonder why car racing isn't really big in the Philippines. There are events, sure, but the coverage doesn't seem significant enough to even attract sponsors. Well, those fans will be pleased to know that there was
Boy Ochoa will now race in heaven
For those active in the local motorsports scene in the past three decades, Boy Ochoa was a character whose mere presence at the racetrack elicited a wide array of emotions.On Friday, Jose V. Ochoa Jr. passed away due to a lingering
With touching messages and a specially designed icon
As you already know, the Philippine motoring community lost a well-loved member today when race driver Kookie Ramirez finally succumbed to cancer. As expected, friends, colleagues and fans poured out their condolences on the social-networking site Facebook. Below are just
Sad day for Philippine motorsports
Kookie Ramirez, an influential character in Philippine motorsports, succumbed to bladder cancer this morning. He was 52.As a son of the country's motorsports legend Pocholo Ramirez, who also died of cancer, Kookie was fortunate to have the proverbial foot inside
The seat of racing royalty<br />
A group of car enthusiasts are joining forces to raise funds for Kookie Ramirez, one of the country's eminent race car drivers, who is currently battling cancer. Alvin Uy, one of the organizers of the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS)
Racecar driver Eddie Marcelo, another pioneer in Philippine motorsports, passed away on July 3 due to cardiac arrest. He was 67.Marcelo enjoyed his racing heydays in the 1970s. He started with drag racing before moving on to circuit and Formula racing
The incomparable Pocholo Ramirez lets TG in on the darkest day in Philippine motorsports history, and the triumphant story of circuit racing's rebirth from the ashes <br />
Motorsport safety wasn't always at this level, especially in the early days."In racing, for you to learn," Pocholo Ramirez says, "you have to lose." Such is the same with life, and when tragic circumstances are placed in your path,
Yesterday was the 76th birthday of Filipino racing legend Pocholo Ramirez. The night before, I was in his house in Valle Verde in Pasig to celebrate the occasion with his family - including children Kookie, Georges, Louie, Michelle and Miguel - and some really
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