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It just broke a record at Nurburgring
It's a wonderful time to be a Volkswagen fan right about now. The GTI is celebrating its 40th anniversary, throwing parties left and right featuring some of its newest models and most revered classics.But what is arguably the best part
On German hot hatch's 40th birthday
The Volkswagen Golf GTI has always been the stuff of boyhood dreams. Imagine a humble nondescript hatchback dicing with sports cars--and actually keeping up with them--and you'll know why everyone who knows a thing or two about this car
Offering 200hp under the hood
When you think of performance-oriented subcompacts, the Ford Fiesta isn't exactly what comes to mind. Sure, it is a solid and pretty well-kitted offering that has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1976. But there's
Find out what you'll get for hefty price tag
Hot hatches are fun, practical, compact and eminently drivable. And we still wonder why they're not catching on with majority of local motorists. But for the enlightened minority, true gearheads who know the history and pure driving pleasure these cars provide,
We want this pocket rocket
In terms of adorability and cuteness, the Fiat 500 is right up there with the Volkswagen Beetle and the Mini Cooper. Small car, no frills, universal appeal. It's a car that's as acceptable to a small kid as it is
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