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Built by Unplugged Performance
Until now, Californian firm Unplugged Performance has focused its efforts on offering more driving pleasure from every model of Tesla. Heck, it even built a wildly bewinged Model S Plaid race car driven by Randy Pobst at every Pikes Peak since 2021.
To give it its full, unabridged name, this is the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Special Service Vehicle. Which means it's a police truck, just one built on Ford's new F-150 Lightning.Looks like electricity might be the better
There’s no escape
Chevrolet has revealed its first-ever pursuit-rated Silverado police unit, and it has a message for any bad guys planning to lose their tail by taking things off-road: Yeah, good luck with that.For law enforcement purposes, the company has
Good luck outrunning this thing
How car chases are still a thing with the kinds of rides cops are driving these days is a mystery to us. Seriously, you have to be pretty dumb if you think you can get away from the likes of what you
For Germany’s exclamation-mark-filled ‘Tune It! Safe!’ initiative
The more unexpected and inappropriate the police car, the better. That's our general rule for the world's cop cars here at Top Gear.The German initiative 'Tune it! Safe!' provides some great content along those lines, with the latest being
Still dreaming of the day this makes it to our market
The Toyota Corolla as a police car isn't exactly an entirely new proposition around these parts. We've seen quite a few of them around here, albeit in the form of older-generation Altis units. It's a perfectly serviceable choice,
Imagine trying to outrun this thing
List down the five coolest police cars you can think of. Chances are you won't find an electric vehicle on that list. Maybe some of Dubai's over-the-top police supercars, or the Suzuki Jimny used by law enforcement in
Think you can outrun it?
The 2021 Ford F-150 in police guise isn't just a getup meant to strike fear into the hearts of criminals making a getaway. That burly form factor means the truck is more than capable of taking a beating, and despite
Definitely an underrated option
The Nissan Almera isn't a vehicle you would normally picture as a police car. As a Grab or a daily driver? Sure. But for laying down the law? Not exactly.But why not? Frankly, exciting highway police chases aren't really
There’s no escape
Think there's a chance you can outrun the cops by swerving onto a nearby dirt road? Not a chance-at least not if the all-new Ford F-150 Police Responder is on your tail.With this, the American carmaker continues
It’s a special show car created by AC Schnitzer
Sadly, this AC Schnitzer-tuned BMW M850i is not about to enter service with the German police. It's a show car, built for an Association of German Automobile Tuners and Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure campaign to show "that
Good luck outrunning these bad boys
Bad guys in the US are going want to think twice about heists moving forward-at least if their plan involves a car chase with law enforcement. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has just unveiled its new Dodge Charger and Durango pursuit vehicles,
Bad guys better watch out
Manila City's police department (MPD) just got some serious beefing-up courtesy of some rugged new rides donated by the Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Indusry. (FFCCCII).Six burly new Toyota Hilux units were recently donated to the Manila City
The technology has been rolled out on Ford’s Police Interceptor utility vehicles
Ford has consistently made contributions during this fight against COVID-19. It has helped by building all sorts of equipment, from face shields and protective gowns to ventilators. Now, the carmaker has come up with yet another way to protect frontliners: a '
Bad guys beware
The 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe is, by itself, a very tough-looking SUV. In police-car form, though, it's a downright menacing sight-probably more so if you're a bad guy looking at it in your rearview mirror.General Motors has
And it’s for sale
Welcome to the most excellent police car you've ever seen-a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE Series II that saw service in Rome for some six years before it was retired from active duty, and now for sale for an undisclosed sum (
It patrols in tandem with a 276hp Ford Focus ST Estate for high-speed pursuits
South Wales Police has (temporarily) got itself a new toy. The force is the first in the UK to trial the Ranger Raptor-modified by Ford's Special Vehicle Preparation team in Essex, the demo car has a full Police livery with
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