It draws power directly from a car’s alternator
Whenever your car turns a wheel, whether it's powered by gasoline, diesel, or electricity, its tires release microscopically small particles of rubber into the atmosphere. These particles are hugely damaging to our health and the environment. They find their way into
How can we keep this clean ECQ air?
You learn it in grade school: Pollution affects everyone on the planet, and in some cases, it can even kill you. It's a consequence that's particularly likely in low- to middle-income countries, according to the World Health Organization, with
It contains sensors, GPS, and a battery
Dyson's into much more than just fancy vacuum cleaners and hair dryers. In case you didn't know, the company recently, albeit unsuccessfully, delved into the world of electric cars. Now, it has produced tech that may give us all a
Nearly a quarter of every tire is ‘synthetic rubber’—as in plastics
The car, it seems, is perhaps not the single greatest thing we've ever done for the natural world. We know by now about an engine's propensity to spew out more toxicity than an Internet forum. We know about the huge
This is disturbing stuff
Last week, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) gave us a glimpse at the troubling garbage situation in the Quiapo area. Images shared by the traffic agency showed canals clogged by solid waste-a contributing factor to our capital's flood problem.
Dispose of your garbage properly, please
Last week, the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) officially declared the start of the rainy season. In motoring speak, this translates to the following: "Brace yourselves-flood is coming."Yes, it's that time of year again, the season
Is this a bad move?
The Philippine Department of Transportation (DOTr) has some pretty strong words for the Department of Energy (DOE) regarding its order to offer Euro 2 fuels again.In a statement released earlier today, the DOTr called DOE Department Order No. 002018-08-0012--
Owner still wants traditional jeepneys on PH roads
After almost two years, Engr. Youssef Z. Ahmad, chairman of Le' Guider International E-Trike Electronic Assembly Philippines, and Ed Sarao, of the famed passenger jeepney manufacturer Sarao Motors, recently met for the second time to talk about business possibilities.On this
EU neighbors urged to do the same
If you live in Germany, chances are your internal-combustion-powered car could soon go the way of the dinosaur. In a bid to clean up the ill-effects of fossil-fuel emissions that have damaged the atmosphere and the climate, German
A total of 1.1 million vehicles
People say that if one were to view the Metro Manila skyline from an elevated place like Antipolo or Tagaytay, he would see a cloud of smog hovering over the city. True enough, photos have been taken more than once showing this
Let's keep our fingers crossed
Jeepneys. Love them or hate them, it looks like they're here to stay--at least for the foreseeable future. Problem is, a good lot of them are old, smoke-belching and hazardous rust buckets with undisciplined drivers who couldn't care
Just look at the numbers
Last week, we reported the DENR's proposal to ban cars over 15 years old. The premise was that motor vehicles are largely responsible for the sudden and significant increase in air pollution in the country over the last few years. Motor
Procter & Gamble looks at the contamination levels of our PUVs
Do you take a public-utility vehicle to school or work every day like millions of other Filipinos? If you do, have you ever wondered how much germs are present in these vehicles?Consumer goods company Procter & Gamble has looked into the
Be careful now
As if we needed another reason to get our act together in cleaning the air we breathe, a study conducted by European researchers showed that exposure to traffic and air pollution increases one's risk of having a heart attack."Exposure to
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